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China will launch more than 1,300 micro-nano satellites in the next decade: investment exceeds 200 b

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    China will launch more than 1,300 micro-nano satellites in the next decade: investment exceeds 200 billion yuan
    Satellite news 2018-12-06 17:13:45
    With the rapid growth of commercial aerospace, China's micro-nano satellite industry will usher in a golden period of development.
    On December 5th, the satellite market consulting and analysis agency Euroconsult (hereinafter referred to as Europe Consulting) released the "Satellite Service Outlook" (hereinafter referred to as "Outlook") at the 6th Aerospace Internationalization Development Forum, showing the global government sector aerospace investment. There is a tightening trend, with an average growth rate of -2% over the next five years. Among them, the five space countries and regions such as the United States, China, Russia, Japan and Europe accounted for 82% of the total investment of the global government.
    The development of the commercial aerospace market is accelerating. Statistics show that the global aerospace economy last year was 383.5 billion US dollars, of which the commercial aerospace market reached 308.5 billion US dollars, accounting for about 80%. According to Outlook, market earnings in the global commercial aerospace sector are expected to continue to grow.
    In China, the micro-nano satellite industry will develop rapidly in the next 5-10 years. China Aerospace Industry Science and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aerospace Consulting) said at the meeting that China has launched 31 micro-nano satellites in the first 10 months of this year, and it is expected that more than 1,300 micro-nano satellites will be launched in the next decade. By 2028, the total investment in the micro-nano satellite industry is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan.
    Micro-nano satellites usually refer to satellites with a mass of less than 100 kilograms and have practical functions. They are small in size, light in weight, and short in development cycle. They can complete complex spatial tasks at lower cost, mainly in communication navigation, remote sensing, scientific exploration, Fields such as deep space exploration.
    "The speed of China's aerospace industry is impressive, not only in terms of technological innovation capabilities, but also in launch capabilities and international cooperation." Pacomme, CEO of European Consulting, said in a media interview after the meeting that although China's commercial space has just started , but the prospects are broad.

    “The concern of Chinese youth and space enthusiasts for aerospace and the participation of venture capital companies will help the industry.” Pacomme believes that the emerging commercial space companies in the Chinese market have played an important role in the promotion of new space technology. .

    Pacomme mentioned that in the global aerospace economic growth, commercial satellite products and services occupy an important position, and the downstream of the aerospace industry chain such as ground equipment manufacturing constitutes the main market and income source of the aerospace industry.

    In the field of satellite services, the four major development trends are gradually emerging. First, space technology and service innovation continued to accelerate; second, new business models such as airborne broadband access, autonomous driving, Internet of Everything, and Wanhu Rongtong emerged in an endless stream; third, new private and government investment entities emerged; fourth, the industry ecosystem Is undergoing transformation.

    At present, countries are launching different types of satellite constellation plans, and there are more than 20 micro-nano satellite commercial space constellation plans in China alone. "Considering the large number of satellites used to construct constellations, short service life and large update requirements, this will be the main source of demand for the satellite market," Pacomme said.

    At the forum, Aerospace Consulting also reached an agreement on cooperation with European consulting, and the two sides will jointly create an international exchange platform for high-end aerospace industry.
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