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China, Saudi, Turkey want to construct international standard hospitals in Bangladesh

Oct 27, 2014
I've been to many hospitals in BD where the level of standards ranges, one strange thing that I realized is that
many Doctors have no etiquette or manners when dealing with their patients, it a talk down on you sort of manner, I don't know where the "I am superior" kind off behavior comes from but that's definitely not how a general practitioner/doctor behaves here in the UK.

Some of these so called doctors couldn't even string a sentence together in English when they were explaining that my Grandma needed a supply of Hemoglobin lol. This is Apollo I talk about.

We used to and in some ways still do have a effective healthcare system. We couldn't fathom a healthcare system such as the US, in our bubble that kind of heath care system is non existent.
Well personally speaking I don’t get this bs attitude either. Superiority attitude exist among health care prof... my first two years of med school, the minor doctors had so much attitude while teaching or questioning us. Ofc this carried on more with those who were receptive of it. But I reckon it’s necessary while teaching subordinates... but subs shouldn’t be thinking that’s acceptable with patients. They have a whole seperate subject on etiquette.
about not being able to string a sentence in English, I agree... went to bd to enroll in med school there...preparatory coaching teachers who’re supposedly toppers and doctors themselves had hard time teaching us. 5 books just on biology alone, mental.


Aug 2, 2018
Yes, with 5 blockage it should have been bypass surgery. But, it was doctors' decision that caused us to waste money without getting real benefits.

After all, it was BD style and the doctors were BD citizens with less sense of responsibility as usual for almost all people.
Just curious, why did your brother not visited India to do the surgery? Now India is granting medical visa again ( it was postponded due to pandemic) as far I know. There is no point of wasting money in the hospitals of Bangladesh.

Here you only can buy your disease with your hard earning money .

However, if China and turkey really make good medical facilities in Bangladesh, then may be in future no one needs to visit India to get better medical services.
but good treatment though, admit it you would rather lie dying on a apollo bed than on dhaka medical bed
We need some affordable but international quality of Medicare , as India has this facility.

Not everyone born with silver spoon to die in Apollo hospital.
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