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China Mobile will launch 5G smart phone in 2019

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    China Mobile will launch 5G smart phone in 2019

    China Plus Published: 2018-12-07

    The China Mobile Global Partner Conference kicked off on December 6, 2018 in Guangzhou. China Mobile's CEO, Shang Bing, announced at the conference that China Mobile will launch 5G smart phones and the first self-branded batch of mobile devices in the first half of 2019, reports thepaper.cn.


    The China Mobile Global Partner Conference attracts visitors from home and abroad, seen here on December 6, 2018 in Gunagzhou, Guangdong Province. [Photo: the papaer]

    During the conference, China Mobile unveiled three self-branded products which are the N5 and N5pro mobile phones and its first self-owned branded 5G test device "Forerunner No. 1", which will reportedly provide intelligent 5G access capabilities for a variety of application scenarios.


    Forerunner, the first self-branded 5G intelligent device of China Mobile. [Photo: China Mobile]

    According to Shang Bing, 2019 is the 5G pre-commercial period, while 2020 will be the year China Mobile puts 5G technology into commercial use on a large scale. With its popularization, 5G will bring broader space in the fields of remote interaction, intelligent transportation, culture and entertainment, etc. It is also expected that 5G applications will also deepen the industry integration and promote total factor productivity.


    China Mobile's self-branded smart phone N5. [Photo: China Mobile]

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