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China May Soon Surpass the United States in R&D Funding

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    China May Soon Surpass the United States in R&D Funding
    A U.S. report on science and engineering indicators is largely correct about China making huge strides, a Chinese official said. However, he disputed funding amounts and downplayed Chinese research leadership.

    [​IMG] Scientists at a satellite launch center in China’s Gansu province monitor the docking of the Tiangong-1 space lab module and the Shenzhou VIII spacecraft in late 2011. If current trends continue, experts note that China will soon overtake the United States in funding levels allocated to research and development. Credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images
    By Randy Showstack 20 February 2018

    The U.S. National Science Board (NSB), which in January stated that China was catching up to the United States in research and development (R&D) expenditures, said in a 7 February statementthat if current trends continue, the board “expects China to pass the United States in R&D investments by the end of this year.”

    The 18 January report, Science and Engineering Indicators 2018, had been presented earlier to Congress by NSB, which develops the indicators, advises the president and Congress, and governs the U.S. National Science Foundation. An NSB spokesperson told Eos that in the 6 years that the board has been conducting briefings of the biennial Indicators reports on Capitol Hill, “a key theme has been that China is catching up.”

    China in 2018 will surpass the United States in research and development expenditures if current trends continue, according to the U.S. National Science Board (NSB). This new figure, released on 7 February, is drawn from the data in NSB’s Science and Engineering Indicators 2018 report and from the National Patterns of R&D Resources, 2017 report of the National Science Foundation’s National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics. The figure was not included in the 18 January release of 2018 Indicatorsreport. Credit: Science and Engineering Indicators 2018

    She continued, “Now we’re at the point where next time NSB does the briefing, in 2 years, the Board will be saying that China caught us. The Board felt this is a significant development that is worthy of pointing out to Congress.”
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