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China may now have air superiority over US in Pacific


Jul 20, 2018
Generals are always asking for more budgets to get more commissions ....
These articles are most likely sponsored by US defence contractors. The question that should be asked is why does the US even need to go and defeat China in the Pacific.
PLA has absolutely no chance against US military near US waters.
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Apr 28, 2009
United States
United States
Armchair generals here need to understand that in a war China will neutralize most US bases in the region within hours.
Spoken with many yrs of experience as a 'sofa soldier'. Your rank must be 'Admiral General' by now.


Oct 24, 2012
Air Superiority does not just mean quantitative edge, it also about quality, personnel, training and doctrine. If numerical superiority alone can guarantee Air Superiority, Russia would already have the upper hand in Ukraine now. Let alone China probably do not even have the quantitative edge over the US.

For example, China would have a problem to answer to a mix of EA-18G Growler and F-35C Lighting II by itself, it will then turn into another question altogether if we put USAF EC-130H, E-8 JSTAR and F-16CJ. Even then, that does not represent the US Air Power in the region, there are still a substantial quantity of F-16, F-15, F-35 and FA-18E superhornet to make the rest of the balance.

It's hard to think China can establish Air Superiority anywhere in Asia (Including China Air Space), let alone Pacific.
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Jan 20, 2021
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Chinese Military has seen no major conflict or fight in some large scale wars, all they do is threat Taiwan and wait. For as long as they don't make a move militarily no one would know what they can do, but one thing for sure that China stand no chance against the full force of US, maybe in their own backyard they would do some major damages but i think before the mainland China is attacked or breached, the world will go full Red Alert (Nukes).


Mar 20, 2022
Taiwan, Province Of China
Armchair generals here need to understand that in a war China will neutralize most US bases in the region within hours.


I fail to understand.

First something written to refresh memories


What day dreaming the Americans are capable of!


Should pushing turn to real shoving , there will be no air bases in Japan or Guan or Okinawa for anything to take off from .

But nothing west of the 2nd Island Chain withing 10 minutes of war starting

Missile Strikes on U.S. Bases in Asia: Is This China's Real Threat to America?

In the first 10++ minutes, all the bases in Japan , Okinawa and Guam will be cratered and hit by the DongFangs with conventional warheads ensuring their planes cannot take off.

Missile Strikes on U.S. Bases in Asia: Is This China's Real Threat to America?

Shugart and Gonzalez also point out that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has carried out drills simulating preemptive attacks against America’s regional military assets. In one such instance, the PLA Rocket Forces “appears to have been practicing on several ship targets of a similar size to U.S. Arleigh Burke –class destroyers moored in a mock port that is a near-mirror image of the actual inner harbor at the U.S. naval base in Yokosuka.” This is illuminating, the authors note, because the only way the Chinese military could catch three U.S. ships in port is if they conducted a complete surprise attack.
After reviewing Chinese capabilities and doctrines, the authors try to simulate such an attack to judge its effectiveness. Interestingly, while they believe China would strike U.S. bases in Japan and even some Japanese forces, they assume Beijing would avoid attacks on Korea “in order to prevent a distracting second front on the Korean Peninsula while pursuing its primary military goals elsewhere.” In their simulation, they also assume that Beijing would not initially target America’s base at Guam since it is U.S. territory and China would want to prevent an escalation that could result in America bombing mainland China.
Shugart and Gonzales run two different models of a simulated preemptive attack, keeping in mind what they know about U.S. and allied missile defense systems in the region. In both models, “enough ballistic missiles seemed likely to leak through to cause highly significant damage to U.S. bases and forces in the region.” Some of the results of the attacks include:
• “Almost every major fixed headquarters and logistical facility struck, with key headquarters struck within the first few minutes of the conflict.”
• “Almost every U.S. ship in port in Japan struck pierside by ballistic missiles.”
• “In most cases, cratering by ballistic missiles of every runway and runway-length taxiway at all major U.S. air bases in Japan.”
• “As a result of runway cratering, headquarters destruction, and air defense degradation, more than 200 trapped U.S. aircraft destroyed on the ground in the first hours of the conflict.”
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Then Chinese cruise missiles will fly in their thousands to take out what not taken out military assets in that first 10++ minutes.

Chinese AShMs will burn and incinerate Japanese and USA Naval assets.

During that time, Japanese command centers will blown up killing all those inside.

See the photos of test sites in Western China of dummy airfields and plane shelters of air and naval bases in Japan being hit so accurately by DFs.

First Strike: China's Missile Threat to U.S. Bases in Asia

By your own Western military experts. Even if they underestimated the numbers of DFs and Cruise Missiles of China in their reports.

The same way they thought China has only 260 nukes.

The same way Dugout Doug thought no Chinese at all in Korea until Chinese appeared in the hundreds of thousands right within USA and UN troops!

First Strike: China's Missile Threat to U.S. Bases in Asia

And then all US air bases and naval bases in Japan and Guam and Diego Garcia and Singapore be rendered inoperational within 10 minutes.

And all assets in the air bases and naval bases hit and destroyed within the next 30 minutes.

All the USA JSTARS and tankers be in flames within an hour.

All carriers within the 3rd Island Chain be burning from end to end.

USA so convinced of that as reality that they moved all their B52s and B1s B2s out of Guam.

And building backups frantically at Tinian . Not as those be immuned .

Probably after DFs hit those airbases naval bases within 10 minutes, the follow up by cruise missiles to do total clean up.

The broom China be using for that clean up might be SKY THUNDER, or the grandsons of SKY THUNDER as SKY THUNDER was in 2020.

The Sky Thunder stand-off weapons dispenser and loiter munitions.

Standoff weapons include missiles and bombs that can be released by a jet plane a distance away from the target. This provides less risk for the jet plane and the pilot. The Indian Airforce used SPICE glide bombs (an Israeli standoff weapon) in their famous air strike against terrorist camps in Pakistan earlier this year.

Loiter munitions are "powered" munitions that can 'hang around' in the air longer after they have been released from a plane. They are also called drone weapons.

The Chinese have gone another step ahead. The Chinese have developed a weapons dispenser or weapons canister that can carry up to 240 bomblets which can be released first. Meaning the entire weapons dispenser can fly hundreds of kilometers on its own after release from the plane. (Glide yes or maybe "powered" - the Chinese are not saying). Then once the weapons dispenser reaches the target it will release the munitions which can also fly for some distances on their own. By this time the jet plane and its pilot have safely moved on to another target or turned back.

The munitions themselves could be bomblets or loiter munitions which can take out different targets spread out over an area. What this means is that one pilot and one jet plane becomes a huge force multiplier.

USA so frightened and shitting in their pants that USA moved even further back , almost to Pearl Harbour


Major Airfield Expansion On Wake Island Seen By Satellite As U.S. Preps For Pacific Fight

India truly cannot imagine all the above happening to their air bases and naval bases and command centers in India?
Which are nearer to reach of Chinese missiles than those in the 2nd island chain.

When DF26 can reach and touch Diego Garcia and make that into fragments of memories, which base in India will be out of reach?


Followed by SKY THUNDER by the hundreds loaded with very smart AI drones to do the needful to India within the next 30 to 40 minutes



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