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China is deploying missile and rocket regiment in Ladakh


Sep 26, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
China is deploying missile in Ladakh; China is engaged in increasing its military infrastructure in the Eastern Ladakh sector near the Line of Actual Control (LAC), on which India has expressed concern.

During the recent talks between the two countries, the Indian side discussed this issue with the Chinese Army in the Eastern Ladakh sector. ‘Live Mint’ quoting sources said that China is making new constructions on the LAC, including housing, roads, new highways, as well as deploying heavy weapons including missile regiments on its side. Because of this, the Indian side is very worried. (China is deploying missile in Ladakh)

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Sources said the increase in military infrastructure is particularly important, with highways being widened and new airstrips being built. These airstrips are separate from the main airbases Kashgar, Gar Gunsa, and Hotan.

He says that a big highway is also being built, which will further improve the connectivity of the Chinese army on the LAC. China is also focusing on building infrastructure for its air force and military that can protect it from the US and other satellites in very difficult areas.

As part of this effort, efforts are being made to recruit people who understand Tibet and the region, who will be deployed with Han security forces. Actually, due to the inaccessible area, it is very difficult for the people of mainland China to live here, so China wants to keep the natives here.

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Sources say that this time China’s shelter, road connectivity are much better than last winter and it is more accustomed to the climate here. The People’s Liberation Army of China has deployed rocket and missile regiments in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Along with this, China has also deployed a large number of drones, most of which have been kept for surveillance in this sector. He said that the deployment of drones from China has increased significantly as a large number of drones have been deployed for surveillance in the region.

Asked whether the number of Chinese troops deployed along Indian borders has increased in recent days, sources said China has focused more on capacity building in that area. Sources said that the Indian side is also much more prepared than last year as it has also deployed whatever is required to deal with any misadventure in the region.

The conflict on the northern borders began when Chinese forces began to behave aggressively and diverted around 50,000 troops from the summer war games in the Aksai Chin region to the Indian border, creating several friction points along the LAC.



May 3, 2013
China has some heavy buildup in Ladakh. I doubt India can match it.
When did you become pro-China. Did the internet save you? 😂
Like I used to say in other social media. Sooner or later the truth will come out. It's the age of the internet.


Nov 29, 2009
Taiwan, Province Of China
United States
China has some heavy buildup in Ladakh. I doubt India can match it.

India certainly can more than match China with Bollywood clips. they won the 1962 war with the storyline of less than 200 Indian soldiers killed over 17000 Chinese soldiers. They are awarding Indian pilot after got shot down by Pakistan and claimed that he shot down a Pakistani F-16. India is spinning a different reality for its population.

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