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Changes in ISSB Test Procedures



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Jul 23, 2010
There is some talk amongst candidates and buzz in social media on what all changes in ISSB Test Procedures have been implemented. Some of the anxiety also comes form a blackout at issb website on changes which have taken place and are implemented (but not reflected at the official website). Here are some of the things which one may know to note / prepare:

=> Article writing - 30 minutes
=> OPI Tests included.
=> Situation Reaction Test - 10 situations with 2 minutes each.
=> Psychologist interview is optional, may or may not be held, as needed.

Blowing minor adjustment and changes in ISSB Test Procedures, out of proportion is being done by some quarters for personal reasons. These things are simple to handle and must not be taken as 'enhanced difficulty level" at issb. The lectures at the following link also emphasis same aspects clearly.

ISSB is a dynamic institute and hence keep making changes in ISSB Test Procedures. These are meant to have better access to personality and to make testing procedures simplified and modern.
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