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Cavusoglu: Pakistan want to join MILDEN

Bilal Khan (Quwa)

Aug 22, 2016
This is precisely the reason I have been saying that Paklands and Turkey are much more natural allies and collaborators than Pak China ( no disrespect to our chinese brothers). With Turkey we can collaborate on setting up key industries with work share agreements. The collaborative approach will hel0 us get the economy of scale which we cannot get on our own. The approach should now be to get key products which serve common interests and needs and only buy subassemblies which the consortium does not produce at the same time trying to get the relevant technology in house. We will need 3-4 nations collaborating and perhaps 1-2 smaller countries being part of the collaborations getting arms at subsidized rate. Pak-Turk-Azeri/Ukrainian collaboration comes to mind with Qatar/Bahrain and Malaysia being the other partners.
I agree. I think Turkey's vision is to include Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia and a few others alongside Pakistan to generate as much scale and pooled funding as possible. Their vision is to set-up a consortium like Airbus, but they acknowledge (via their invitations to other states) that they need partners to do it.

For those who want an 'Ummah' or brotherhood, well, that only happens when there are shared goals and practical things at stake. Consortiums built on developing critical feeder industries is exactly the practical or real-world manifestation we need to make that ideal a reality. Imagine a multi-national turbofan project; now we have engineers from across Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, etc travelling to the partner countries for 20 years. That exposure and interaction will build bonds like we see in Europe.

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