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Cases of mobile phones snatching, carjacking surge in Islamabad


Feb 21, 2012

Cases of mobile phones snatching, carjacking surge in Islamabad

Fazal Sher Published about 20 hours ago






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ISLAMABAD: The federal capital witnessed an increase in the cases of snatching of mobile phones and carjacking during the last week as armed persons snatched 45 mobile phones and auto thieves stole 78 vehicles and bikes from various parts of the city.
According to data gathered by Business Recorder, the city’s various police stations registered 12 cases of robbery, 45 cases of mobile snatching, 14 cases of car lifting, and 64 cases of motorbikes.
The motorbikes stolen during the last week bore registration numbers: MN-002 of Sifa Rehman, BHL-781 of Muhamad Iqbal, WR-384 of Muhammad Jahangir, a bike of Manzoor Hussain, AZN-8179 of Umer Farooq, FM-814 of Shahid Mehmood, DN-372 of Anwer Khan, RIP-1164 of Adnan Mughal, AHA-9254 of Imran Khan, RN-5 of Malik Nawaz, ARL-694 of Tanweer, a bike of Ghulam Sajjad, NL-815 of Mudassar Anwer, CAQ-518 of Muhammad Alyan, BPT-780 of Muhammad Younus, BXP-223 of Naeem Iqbal, FW-6357 of Najeeb ullah, KBR-1642 of Muhammad Faisal, BPL-208 of Abdur Rehman, AZQ-124 of Muhammad Uqab, ACR-2425 of Ayais Kiyani, RIN-6907 of Abdul Qadoos, ACW-1456 of Faran Ahmed, BPM-355 of Aamir Hussain, CCR-222 of Malik Abid, RIN-3252 of Muhammad Junaid, BXQ-591 of Hassan Arif, and RIL-4782 of Muhammad Kamran.
The other bikes include BHM-350 of Muhammad Ijaz, Pd-618 of Shahid Mehmood, a bike of Ferhan Ali, a bike of Muhammad Ramzan, RIL-8304 of Anzal Awan, RIV-6645 of Aurangzeb Awan, a bike of Saeed Ullah, a bike of Zahir Abbas, BYM-986 of Nisar Hussain, BWN-805 of Gulfarz, D-855 of Muhammad Juaid, BKK-8220 of Muhammad Hamzad, RIO-7292 of Muhammad Ali, Rla-4854 of Imran Rashid, BWQ-393 of Muhammda Ikram, a bike of Zia Ullah, BNN-406 of Sheraz Khan, BRN-205 of Showal, a bike of Waseem Ahmed, a bike of Noyan Zahir, AHC-1420 of Numan Ali, RIQ-8315 of Shakir Ullah, RIK-2901 of Zahib Ijaz, BRP-1727 of Muhammad Ali , RIR-2511 of Mohsin Ali, BVL-813 of Abdullah, BQR-351 of Saqib Ali, RIN-950 of Muhammad Haris, RIK-5854 of Muhammad Javed, JGK-3578 of Maqsood Hussain, RIR-5401 of Awais, HN-965 of Saif Ullah, RIK-112 of Tab Hussain, and RIX-8114 of Sami Ullah.
Cars stolen during the last week bore registration numbers: AC-414 of Chaudhry Murad Ali, a car of Shah Hussain, a car of Syed Zeeshan, WZ-297 of Sadar Muhammad, AXF-140 of Mohsin Hussain, a car of Ali Anwer, LED-5783 of Abu Ubaid, LE-5595 of Muhammad Muneer, LXO-2789 of Aamir Mehmood, EH-4820 of Muhammad Haris, LE-2631 of Hamza Ahmed, LE-2394 of Muhammad Abbas, and LEA-849 of Laiq Shah.
Criminal gangs were most active within the jurisdiction of the Industrial Area, Koral, Karachi Company, Shalimar, Sabzi Mandi, and Aabpara police stations.
During the last week, the Industrial Area police station registered nine cases of mobile phone snatching and 12 cases of carjacking. Furthermore, two cases of robbery, six cases of cell phone snatching, and six cases of auto theft were reported to the Karachi Company police station during the last week.
In the same period, seven cases of car theft and four cases of cell phone snatching at gunpoint were reported to Koral police station. Four cases of auto theft and five cases of mobile phone snatching reported to Sabzi Mandi police station during the last week.

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Jul 24, 2021
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KARACHI and Islamabad have one thing in common- starts with the word A

Although I wonder how peshwar and KPK police in general keeps it under control

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