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Car bomb rocks Pakistani city Peshawar


Sep 13, 2009
PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN: A car bomb exploded outside a restaurant in Pakistan's main northwestern city of Peshawar on Friday, wounding up to 10
people, a police official said. Some people may have been killed. ( Watch Video )

The explosion in the upmarket district Hayatabad came just hours after a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a major air force base in the town of Kamra, on the main road between Peshawar and Pakistan's capital Islamabad.

"It is a car bomb. There are 10 people wounded and the blast took place in a parking area of a restaurant in Hayatabad," police official Fazal-e-Amin said at the scene of attack.

Police said a vehicle outside the Evergreen complex, which is used as a wedding hall, restaurant and swimming pool, was completely destroyed.

"Preliminary reports say it was a car bomb blast. It was a severe blast but people were not there at the time so there are not so many casualties," police official Anwar Shah told AFP.

Aftab Durrani, the head of the Hayatabad Medical Complex, confirmed that 10 wounded people were admitted after the blast.

Peshawar runs into Pakistan's lawless tribal badlands, an area infested with Al-Qaeda and Taliban insurgents that the US has branded the most dangerous place in the world and the site of six militant attacks in four months.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility but a deluge of attacks blamed on Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked extremists has left more than 190 people dead this month in the frontline state in the US-led war on global extremism.

Pakistan has vowed to crush the network, unleashing a major ground and air offensive targeting TTP in their South Waziristan stronghold along the Afghan border, where al-Qaida is accused of plotting attacks on the West.


Jul 25, 2007
Terror group leader arrested in NWFP
Updated at: 1430 PST, Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PESHAWAR: The chief of the group involved in Hyatabad and Sukarno chowk bombings has been arrested.

IG NWFP Malik Naveed while talking to media said the leader of the group involved in Hyatabad and Sukarno chowk. He said no severe reaction of terrorists has been emerged due to better strategy of police.

Malik Naveed said red alert security has been imposed in the province and hundreds of militants and commanders have been arrested. Heavy arms cache and explosives also recovered which averted the possible destruction. He said 16,000 more personnel will be recruited.

Terror group leader arrested in NWFP

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