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May 1, 2019
View media item 18032Captain Abdul Jalil Orakzai (Shaheed) “Sitara I Jurat”
15 March 1931 – 07 September 1965
Capt. Abdul Jalil Orakzai was born at Bhanamari Peshawar on 15th March 1931. He was very obedient, honest, friendly, loving, caring and was famous in hospitality from his childhood. His hobbies were travelling, music, singing and dinning etc. His best friends till his Shahadat were Dr. Muhammad Ali, Abdul Samad, Abdul Razak, Khairullah, Yusuf, Nisar Ahmed and Mohabat Khan.

His last wish told to his younger brother “if I died, I want to die like a soldier fighting in battle field with enemies, not on the way to battle field and some bullet or bomb hitting me before the war starts”.

Capt. Abdul Jalil's education details are: Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in 1947 and Bachelors (BA) in 1953. He was a good athlete and made record in Pole Vault jump in inter collegiate sports. He was awarded College Sports Color. He was also Secretary / Member of Athletic Team and Proctor / Monitor in Edwards College Peshawar 1951 -1953. In 1954 he went to University of Peshawar for Masters in English, completed his part one but missed Final Exam due to army duties, war and eventually got Shahadat.

Capt. Abdul Jalil applied for regular commission in Pakistan Army during his studies and was rejected on first attempt. But his love for country and passion of Pakistan Army tempted and he tried again to join Pakistan Army in education force. He was selected for short course and went to Officers Training School (O.T.S) Kohat in 1958. He got Pak Temporary Commissioned (PTC) in Pakistan Army in 1959 as Second Lieutenant. He started his carrier in Pakistan Army as Education Officer and served as A.E.C Officer / 12 Frontier Force from 1959 – 1961 at Lahore and Quetta. In 1961 got promoted as Lieutenant and during same time converted from education to infantry and joined 3rd Punjab Regiment. In 1964 promoted as Captain in 3rd Punjab Regiment where he remained till 1965.

In 1965 Indo - Pak war, he was deputed to Azad Kashmir Regiment Force - 25 AKRF designated (ACO). On 06 Sep 1965 “C Company” under the command of Capt. Abdul Jalil was given the mission to capture enemy's Kalidhar post, Azad Kashmir, which widely overlooked/ dominated our areas and had always been of great nuisance for our defense. Capt. Abdul Jalil was commanding right forward company for this operation, during this operation, due to his leadership and his scrupulous dedication to duty was displayed by him. When his company reached only 100 yards from target, enemy shelling became dangerously heavy but he went into the battle field and shouted “NARA TAKBEER” and was the first man pouncing upon the first enemy's bunker. After capture of first, he went on top of second bunker and was in the process of charging and then he got machine gun burst straight on his chest and fell down. He however continued encouraging his men and his last words were “We Must Destroy Every KAFIR in This Post” and embraced Shahadat on 07 Sept 1965. He was posthumously awarded military award “Sitara I Jurat” due to performing his duty with distinction, showed complete disregards to his own life and willingly and boldly gave supreme sacrifice in order to safeguard the honor and dignity of the nation and set an example for his men and his iron willed character will never be forgotten.

His body was handed over to family in March 1966 after recovered from India. His body was identified by his closest friend Dr. Muhammad Ali Malik (Dental Surgeon) from that gold tooth which was implanted by him. His Posthumously military award was also received by his closest friend Dr. Muhammad Ali from Field Marshal Ayub Khan in 1966. Capt. Abdul Jalil was buried at his family “Orakzai” cemetery with full military honor.

Researched & Written By: Dr. Ahmad
Copy Rights: Dr. Ahmad (11 Solution)
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