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Capabilities of PAF Dassault MIRAGE-III/V.

Should Pakistan upgrade its Mirages to South African Cheetah standard if not Beyond?

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Jan 20, 2006
If PAF wants to buy more F16s then they should ask for block E/F not C/D. If not then PAF should consider buying latest jets than F16s.
Why would PAF want to take the headache of maintaining 3 different versions of F-16 in service? Blocks 15/52 have been consolidated to same avionics post the MLU of the block 15 fleet. Block 60 is a totally different aircraft and the avionics capability afforded by its radar and ECM suite is something that PAF can pass on now due to the overall capability that is being fielded now. In terms of the weapons capability, block 52 and 60 are at par.

See brother i understand if every thing go your way you will be ok, but is not Alice in wonderland case.........You need to have Plan B,C,D etc, but please no nuclear nonsense. In 71 war when Pakistan attacked India thinking it can take out all front line fighter and airfield in first wave, you gone horribly wrong on this and then rest is history, by the end of war PAF was reduced to 1/3rd to its original numbers although at that other than few Mig 21 we were having crap AF. You might think Pakistan down more aircraft of IAF and i will say vise-versa, bottom line is you were doing only defensive sorties after initial attack in 71 and your military planner didn't think of this situation to arise so quickly in war. Again this not my quote it is from Sochta Pakistan TV series where speaker was a high label defense bureaucrat you can see the entire interview in you tube. And you need to think logically that you can't have all answer for problem in PAF is JF-17. This is not ready fighter at any level. You need tested fighter and in big numbers and best way is to go for another 100 F-16 block 52 period.
How did you arrive at PAF being reduced to 1/3rd of its original inventory?
Our plan in 1971 was to interdict forward air bases of the IAF so they would not be able to assist the IA in its operations against West Pakistan.

Secondly, who says that IAF had junk in 1971? You had Mig-21s in large numbers and Su-22s which were relatively new aircraft and a match for PAF's Mirage, F-6 and a limited F-104 fleet.

I don't know what "defensive sorties" in your mind means. We were conducting sorties in alignment with a plan that required PAF to hold aircraft in reserve for a major combined operation with the Army which did not materialize because the war ended rather quickly. It was not because PAF had lost an inordinate number of aircraft. The air war in 1971 was pretty much an even Steven affair.

Lastly, the JF-17 is a marvelous platform any which way one looks at it (I don't expect you to understand that simply due to inherent bias you have which gets in the way of an objective analysis of the benefits of this aircraft in the PAF fleet). We are testing the aircraft in actual operations conducting strike missions. We are evaluating it in exercises and with the Chinese. We are integrating a new weapons capability on an average of 1 or 2 annually to the JF-17 and we are revolutionizing the training of our pilots and crews due to the induction of this aircraft in the service.

The air warfare paradigm has shifted from a platform centric one to a force centric one. We have a very balanced potency within the PAF now if we look at the overall capabilities within the fleet and this capability will allow PAF very robust offensive and defensive capability in the future without being beholden to Western suppliers.

Storm Force

Sep 19, 2009
United Kingdom
Lastly, the JF-17 is a marvelous platform
Blain Your Quote..

Yes its marvellous because it firstly reduces your reliance on the west where you fear sanctions

And secondly for a nation with very limited relative resources to your rival allows you to replace obsolete fighters like VINTAGE Mirages and F7 OVER THE NEXT DECADE..

The chinease are keeping your military afloat with increasingly sophisticated hardware at very low cost.

But lets get reality check

The cutting edge game changers are stil the falcons

An ideal world to take on rival equipped with nearly 400 su30mki upgraded mirage2000/5 and new MIG29K /SMT you will need western hardware balancing the Thunder. sqds.

The are 2 glariing weaknesees in PAF today.

Firstly very poor medium and long range Sam/ABM defense both missles and modern radars.

Second Too few cutting edge fourth generation planes.


Sep 24, 2010
An ideal world to take on rival equipped with nearly 400 su30mki upgraded mirage2000/5 and new MIG29K /SMT you will need western hardware balancing the Thunder. sqds.
typical fanboy post:

India have +400 (4th & 4+ generation) aircraft with the availability rate of around 60% = 240 aircraft
In case of war even if India manage to increase the availability rate upto 80% = 320 aircraft
less at least 60 aircraft for eastern theater = (320-60) = 260 aircraft

against Pakistan's 154 (171 aircraft with ~ 90% availability) 4 generation aircraft which mean = 260/154 = 1.6:1 aircraft

Or In real world 2 Indian aircraft against 1 Pakistani aircraft,
so my dear even with the so called might & superiority complex of India situation on the ground in not as worst .... India still can't create a doomsday scenario against Pakistan.

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