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By-elections Punjab Assembly 17 July 2022


May 1, 2007
when he is dead ... i will pray 20 rakaat nafal ...pakistani qoam would have gotten rid of a swine!
Fk zrdari, when he will get expired, please make dua everyone MAY ALLAH take him out from this world ASAP. PML Q going to lose all seats in next election.
Shitan ka umar lambi hoti ha. Not just Zardari but Nawaz, Diesel as well. Yeh teno he utha lia jain is dharti ka bhoj to kya he baat ha. But this also tells how much of a bakoo nation we belong too. I mean yeh to harami hain he lakin jo MPA yeah MNA apna vote bach raha hain to the highest bidder un ka bara main kya khail ha. Zardari cannot play his dirty game if there are no players on the other side to play. Lakin afsoos to tab hota ha jab dosri side sa be log apni qeemat lagna per tayar bhata hain. PTI ka aik MPA bhaga nahi abbi.


Sep 24, 2010

I wrote the following 2 post on Mar 31, 2022

Do you think there will be free & fair election and those who are conspiring against IK government will not influence not only the next election but would ensure the players of next regime in place of IK government to continue for at least 1 more decade. I am afraid they are again planning to repeat the 2008-2018 arrangements.

Now the ONLY way out is Emergency.
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repeat of same old story this is how we always complete our cycle of democracy after that we enters into a decade of military rule.

You know you have asked the most relevant question & important question of the current Political circus, it demand a detail reply but I will only post a concise post stating some possible scenarios.

Always remember as rule of thumb:

System of Democracy requires constant political evolution if the evolution of democracy stops then it is the failure democratic system and failure of democracy invite revolution.

Currently we are facing a simple question how to move forward from the present political crises ??

We all know

- Floor crossing is an unconstitutional act
- Horse Trading is also unconstitutional

But this is happening openly, We also know that

- Pakistan is under foreign political invasion.
- Foreign power is conducting regime change operation.
- Both Internal & External actors are involved due to convergence of Interest

So the question is IF those who have to form the Government after toppling IK government are the abeters or co-conspirators against the political sovereignty of the state then who will have to guard the sovereignty of the state?

This important questions are

- Political authority of current government due to foreign intervention and unconstitutional acts of local actors is getting decreased, so How would it exercise Political Sovereignty which mean our Sovereignty is also getting compromised.

- Secondly The government which will be formed as the result of unconstitutional acts would it be considered Constitutional ???

This is the stage where constitutional deadlock could arise, so at this stage two possibilities exist, either Judiciary intervene which is possible but looks difficult or establishment intervene softly which make political forces talk to each other.

To avoid a deadlock What IF current assemblies get dissolved and fresh election are held? as per reports opposition could get agree with this

- But due to No Confidence Motion (NCM) IK do not have this authority

- if NCM is succeed and in result of this and Opposition forms the government then again we will be in the same situation of Constitutional Deadlock, secondly I don't think IK in opposition will sit idle.

So to avoid this situation next government of PDM could announce early election after November but for this to happen

- Government of PDM will have to initiate election reforms which could suit them like revocation of the laws related to EVM & Overseas Pakistanis voting rights.

- Government of PDM Will also have to tackle IK in Opposition.

- & Will have to "Manage Elections" to make sure IK lose the next election.

But these actions would have weak legal and political grounds & would make elections controversial & no would have Justifications other then political interest of current opposition, so If that happens then IK might repeat Azadi March type political move, so a period of political instability of at least one or more year similar to PNA movement in 1977 is possible and if establishment at that stage will again intervene softly for sake of stability than the government of PDM parties will have to concede something to IK, so in short no political scenario is possible without IK and taking public reaction into consideration.

So in any scenario it would be needed to naturalise IK either politically or physically, but the question would remain how to neutralise the public sentiments?

Just consider the political value of a government consist of those politicians who are corrupt & it would be formed with the clear intervention of foreign power to serve the interest of foreign country. In this case Pakistan would be an undeclared but practically an Occupied Country.

Common soldiers and public would accept the occupation of their country ???

If Judiciary and other Organ of states support that government then their own standing in the eyes of common public would hit to the ground, we might faced the situation worse than 1971 and WOT combine, and without public support to government & to the organ of state How that State would survive ???

So in short there would be a situation where constitution of Pakistan does not provides the solution to the problems state would face and the Organ of state would be in a situation of partial dysfunctionality.

So this is NOT Possible for "The Institution and The Collective Establishment" to let the State go in this situation, then what Option would be left with them ???

When the Constitution would have already failed than Higher Judiciary would also fail and in this case they would have no other Option but to revoke "Doctrine of Necessity"

State has to remain functional and Sovereign, but failure of Politicians would threat the failure of State of Pakistan which could not be allowed.

But again would public accept Martial Law ?? International forces especially those who would be supporting PDM government would accept it in place of the government which they installed for their interests .... ???

The ONLY LOGICAL SOLUTION to the current political situation is the implementation of Constitution & Laws in their true letter and spirit, but the final question is:
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I am not posting old posts of mine just for the purpose of the reposting, but to reiterate the worse scenario I thought at that time I fear it will become true and we might see imposition of Martial Law before the November.

I am sure many people now have very well understood why the recounting in PP-7 was rejected, a constitutional right was denied for what purpose.

IK was made to lose 2 seats in Punjab by-election 1 in Lahore other in Rawalpindi, and the reason was made clear by today's actions of Neutrals and Political Bastards of this country.

Hammad Azhar has already given call to PTI workers to come at 10:00 PM at Liberty Chowk, IK is also going to address the common people, but the issue is no matter what how much they try to pacify the anger of general public one day limit of emotions would brust, that day when Leaderless crowd would come out on the street then situation would not be easy for anyone even for the Army.

Then what would happen is the question which Neutrals, Political Mafia & Judiciary is not thinking.
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