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BSF jawan killing: 2 BGB officers transferred, court martial proceedings initiated


Aug 2, 2018
So you don't agree. Her father was an Indian agent 100 % and its his frighin daughter. The natural successor to him to look after Indian intrests.
That is your opinion. We see the different things. We see that Hasina is doing her best for Bangladesh.

There are many people in Bangladesh who do not like AL, but like Hasina. There are a huge number of people who don't have faith/trust on AL, but they have faith/trust in Hasina.

BNP - jamat govt ( 2001-2006) left a skull of a country, Hasina single handedly recovered it. BNP looted money even from military budget. AL is trying to make our force modern.

How can we rely on your accusation against Hasina of being Indian agent who works for Indian interest?

The reality is, lots of us had a negative attitude for mujib and that is he destroyed the country. But with the good works of his daughter Hasina, we now believe that every accusation against Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was just false accusation.

80 tk KG salt was just artificial crisis that were created by enemy agents, only to shake his government. It was same as onion crisis now in Bangladesh.

The difference is the state Bangladesh is now far more stable and stronger to back up this govt so that govt can have some times to encounter such artificial crisis.

During bangabandhu sheikh mujib, state was just recovering from a war, and that time it was weaker compared present days and that failed to protect its govt from some misguided soldiers.

So in reality, we are bound to believe that not only Hasina, but also her father Mujib was extremely patriot who works only for the interest of our peoples, not for the interest of India.

There are hundreds of evidences, but it's not possible to discuss here. Just if someone open their eyes with a neutral mind, he/she will easily understand the huge change and development of Bangladesh comparing past days.

Yes not such development that most of time talkative AL ministers rant, but overall now if Bangladesh is gaining an honorable place in the world, it's all for the success of Hasina.

I am not appreciating the rest of AL chutiyas ( ministers and other various leaders) , because there are no difference between AL chutiyas and BNP chutiyas. Both of them are actually two sides of a coin, both are hypocrite politicians.

But I am actually appreciating Sheikh Hasina, who is the actual difference between them and between everything. She is literally the iron lady in our country, she is the captain who is leading our ship to the right direction in the darkness of night, when boat is trembling and water is swelling.

The reality is, no father ever had a better daughter like Hasina ( who is removing some bad names of her father (with her good works)propagated by enemy) , and few countries have such a great ruler like Hasina who only think the interest of her countrymen.

Yes she makes some mistake sometimes, but it's just human nature, every human have such limitations.

You are free to reject it, but the reality won't be changed.

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Dec 9, 2008
You need to understand few things.

1. After the BSF jawan died, India needs to save face. They couldn't do anything after the incident and hence after a brief delay, brought it up when everyone almost forgot it. This clearly indicates desperation.

2. There is no DIG rank in BGB. Enough said. Shows how credible the news is.

3. Who told them that the havildar was court marshalled? BGB officials? Do you really think that BGB will tell them that the Havildar is a hero? I doubt anyone opened their mouth but even if they did, was just to please desperate Indians, and BSF made hay and danced in joy.

4. Do you think a Havildar will shoot at the border without their superior's permission? You do realize how hierarchy works in BD. What makes you logically think that a poor Havildar got "court-marshalled" but his commanding officer is still sitting in his office?

5. Has there been any news in any of our media? Nada, nothing. This will explode in the media if it happens because this shooting incident was religiously captured by the media.

Finally and most importantly,

Its Indian media. Nuff said.
Perfect response!

I don't think there should be any more discussion on this after this explanation.

All these "news" are from the other side of the border and seriously lacks credibility, judging from the incorrect information they have been propagating.

This is just Indian media trying to restore their ego. If they can claim it was F 16, they can also claim a court martial.

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