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Britain Banks On Tempest Future Fighter Program As Its Next Great Hope In Combat Airpower

Prince Kassad

Apr 19, 2020
Hong Kong
A group of leading British defense aerospace companies, helmed by BAE Systems, has laid out the latest details regarding the ambitious Tempest next-generation fighter program.

Tempest was launched in 2018 in a bid to produce a sixth-generation “system of systems” air combat capability, with a new stealthy six-generation fighter as the centerpiece.

Team Tempest is using new technologies with the aim of making revolutionary strides in the way combat aircraft are developed and fielded and respond to increasingly high-tech and complex threats. Initial concepts have matured and have been evaluated, including testing cutting-edge “wearable cockpit” technologies, which could replace physical controls in current aircraft cockpits with Augmented and Virtual Reality displays projected directly inside the visor of a helmet, and able to be configured to suit any mission. “Concepts including human-autonomy teaming are also being developed, where a 'virtual co-pilot' could take on some of the pilot’s responsibilities. The virtual co-pilot concept is still being developed, but could, for example, take the form of an ‘avatar’ built into the cockpit to interact with the pilot,” according to BAE Systems.


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