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Breaking news: CZ unveils new BREN 2 battle rifle in 7.62×51 (.308 Win)

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    Today, Polish military magazine MILMAG (https://www.milmag.pl/) released pictures of the new CZ Bren 2 variant chambered in .308 Win.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Source: https://www.facebook.com/TheMilMag2/

    Looking at the pictures, we can see at least one interesting improvement- new M-Lock handguard.

    In 2016, in Pakistan, when I was first introduced to CZ 807 series, my first question was – why do you still have a quad rail when you can have Key-Mode or M-Lock?

    CZ 807 assault rifle is very light to begin with, but a modular handguard is a sure way to make it even lighter and improve the balance. The leader of a CZ trial team answered “the time for that will come’. I am glad the time finally came.


    As far as the performance of CZ 807 during the trials – I don’t think it is ethical to share such information publically without the approval of the manufacturer. I can tell two things for sure – with match .308 ammunition, CZ 807 was very accurate, demonstrating solid groups at 100 meters distance. Second – in 2016, the .308 version was on a very early stage of development and rifle probably improved a lot in the last two years.

    As far as specs: magazine capacity is 20 rounds, the rifle has a signature CZ adjustable folding stock, the ergonomics resemble that of an AR15 with an ambidextrous magazine release located under the tip of a trigger finger and bolt catch being on the left side of the weapon. The safety is also ambidextrous.

    We will see how soon CZ will catch up with an official announcement, but it is already clear that this version of CZ 807 will join the ranks of modern battle rifles such as SCAR-H, HK-417, Beretta ARX-200, SIG 716 and many AR-10 variants available on the market. With such a diversity of variants, it looks like the golden age of .308 only begins now.


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