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Botswana seeks Bangladesh’s support for development

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    Botswana has sought Bangladesh’s support for develop its society and economy.

    Its visiting State Minister for the President’s Office and Public Administration Dikgang Phillip Makgalemele conveyed this message to Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali on Sunday.

    The foreign ministry said he was “surprised” to see Bangladesh’s agricultural and economic progresses and showed interest in learning from those successes.

    This was the first minister-level visit from this southern African country.

    According to the foreign ministry, he came to see Bangladesh’s progress first-hand.

    Makgalemele called upon Bangladesh’s entrepreneurs to set up factories in his country to help create employment.

    The foreign minister said Bangladesh’s businesses and NGOs could contribute to Botswana’s socio-economic development.

    He said Botswana could take Bangladesh’s manpower, both skilled and unskilled.

    The foreign minister made three suggestions – holding foreign office consultations, visa exemption for diplomatic and official passports, and manpower export from Bangladesh – to further strengthen relations.

    The visiting junior minister said that he would convey the ideas to his foreign office.

    They also discussed possibilities of visits at the highest level “shortly”.

    Foreign Secretary M Shahdiul Haque, among others, was present at the meeting.

    Makgalemele would leave Dhaka Monday.

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