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BNA chief arrested.


Jul 20, 2009

Look how heavily armed these india backed india funded Indian salves are. Compare them to Kashmiri youth fighting Indian army with pistols or sometimes with no guns at all.
Why do we let india heavily arm their terrorist slaves against us while we remain quiet and don’t do much? What we do isn’t enough. Kashmiri youth who want to resist Indian occupation don’t have guns or only pistols.
Pakistan should flood iok with weapons.

Look closely,

why do you think all except one face are blurred ?


Mar 21, 2007
United States
What is the important development of the arrest of Baloch militant commander Gulzar Imam?

Author, Riyaz Sohail
BBC Urdu
Nov 23, 2022, 12:05 PKT


Baloch Nationalist Army, a militant organization active in Pakistan's Baluchistan province, has claimed that its leader Gulzar Imam is in the custody of the government of Pakistan. A Pakistani official claims that Gulzar Imam was detained in Turkey and handed over to Pakistan.

Baloch Nationalist Army has announced the arrest of Gulzar Imam in a statement, in which it is said that Gulzar Imam had gone missing some time ago, on which the organization investigated and confirmed evidence that Gulzar Imam was missing. Later they are in the custody of secret agencies of Pakistan.

Gulzar Imam belongs to Panjgur Prom area of Balochistan. He entered student politics in the year 2003, at that time he was in the Baloch Students Organization i.e. BSO Aman Group and when all factions of BSO merged in 2006 and BSO Azad was established, he BSO was elected president of Panjgur region.

Gulzar's brother Nasir Imam has also been in the militant outfit Majeed Brigade. He was killed in the attack on the FC headquarters in Panjgur this year.

When the Pakistan government started a crackdown on the BSO, Gulzar Imam moved to the mountains and joined the Baloch Republican Army and became its commander.

Pakistani institutions claim that BRA is headed by Brahmdagh Bugti and that this militant organization was formed after the death of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

Pradhan Baloch, former central leader of BSO Azad, says that when Ustad Aslam Achu and Bashir Zeib strengthened their grip on the Baloch Liberation Army and took local decisions without being related to Murree Sardars, then Gulzar Imam was influenced by it. He first formed his own faction in the Baloch Republican Army, after which he established the Baloch Nationalist Army i.e. BNA.


Aslam Baloch aka Achu

Gulzar Imam had said in one of his interviews that their main differences started from the leadership's attempt to negotiate with the government of Pakistan. It is difficult.

Amir Rana Gulzar, director of the Pakistan Institute of Peace Studies, which works on militancy trends in Pakistan, calls the arrest of Imam an important development for the government of Pakistan.

According to Aamir Rana, Gulzar Imam, along with BRA and UBA factions, founded the Balochistan National Army and expanded its operations to Lahore and southern Punjab.

"Gulzar Imam has been very popular among the youth of Balochistan, especially BSO Azad."

Aamir Rana says that the Taliban are now expelling Baloch militants from Afghanistan, now they have two options either to go to Iran or stay in Pakistan, but Iran's conditions are very strict.

"The BNA statement said they were conducting an investigation that appeared to be looking internally."


, image source GETTY IMAGES

Faran Jaffrey, UK-based director of the Islamic Theology of Counter-Terrorism, says that this is an achievement and progress, but it cannot be called an extraordinary achievement.

According to him, 'Gulzar Imam formed this group with his loyalists who also did some actions, but it is not a big group.'

"The Baloch militant movement is at the grassroots level now, it doesn't matter if two or four commanders are picked up or killed, like when Aslam alias Ichhu was killed, it was hailed as a major development but We found that this did not make a significant difference. Those who are reflective may be demoralized for some time but later they appear with new courage and strength.

He said that if Gulzar Imam provides any information to the government of Pakistan, on the basis of which raids are conducted or some people are killed, then the rest of the people will join some other group. Choose another commander from the same row.

Pakistani institutions unofficially confirm the arrest of Gulzar Imam, while some people including journalists have been mentioning it on social media, but the official arrest has not been revealed.

Analyst Aamir Rana says that according to the procedure, several institutions in Pakistan investigate, only after that they are handed over to the police or CTD.

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