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Bill Revoking Overseas Pakistanis Voting Rights Presented in National Assembly by Imported Government

Humble Analyst

May 17, 2015
United States
No one can give up nukes. Its not that easy. Relax on that point.

IK also said he wants peace with India, but Modi was not talking with him for some reason I dont know why. Any practical steps PTI govt did after article 370 revocation?

Why IK reduced petrol price for his political benefits? IK/PTI when they came to know that they will lose no confidence vote and they put everything at stake. He reduced petrol prices and electricity prices just for political benefits. If he was thinking about Pakistan he would never do that. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
Yes and I am trying yo believe you but finding it hard. Will try to swallow

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