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Biden inducts another Pakistani American into his team


Aug 27, 2013
United States
Depends on which Ghazis are being referred to
Hahahaha.....you know which ones.....the Muslim ones. Since Ghazi is a Muslim word. I was referring to the ones like Mullah Omar, Ertugrul, veterans of 47, 65, 99 (not 71). 😉

Let me help you out:


Surya 1

Aug 6, 2016
Biden inducts another Pakistani American into his team
Anwar IqbalPublished January 17, 2021Updated about 14 hours ago
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Pakistani American Salman Ahmed, who served as head of strategic planning in the Obama National Security Council, is joining the US State Department as director policy planning. — Photo courtesy Carnegie Endowment for International Peace website

Pakistani American Salman Ahmed, who served as head of strategic planning in the Obama National Security Council, is joining the US State Department as director policy planning. — Photo courtesy Carnegie Endowment for International Peace website
WASHINGTON: US President-elect Joe Biden has inducted a second Pakistani American, Salman Ahmed, into his foreign policy team, said a statement issued on Friday.
Mr Ahmed, who served as head of strategic planning in the Obama National Security Council, is joining the US State Department as director policy planning.
Last month, Mr Biden announced that another Pakistani American, Ali Zaidi, will join his team as Deputy National Climate Adviser.
Mr Ahmed was chief of staff of the US Mission to the United Nations and senior policy adviser to the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations.
Before joining the Department of State in 2009, Mr Ahmed served as a visiting professor and research scholar at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and worked for almost fifteen years at the United Nations, including posts as chief of staff for the Head of UN Peacekeeping Operations.
Mr Ahmed holds a master’s degree in international relations from the University of Cambridge, and a Bachelor of Science in economics from New York University’s Stern School of Business.
Mr Zaidi will work directly under former Secretary of State John Kerry who has been appointed Mr Biden’s special envoy for climate.
Mr Zaidi played a key role in drafting and implementing the Obama administration’s climate action plan and helped negotiate the Paris Climate Agreement.
Mr Biden has also inducted two women from the Indian-occupied Kashmir into his team. Sameera Fazili, an American of Kashmiri origin, has been appointed the deputy director of the National Economic Council (NEC). In December 2020, another Kashmir-born woman, Aisha Shah, was inducted into Biden’s team as partnership manager of the White House Digital Strategy team.
Uzra Zeya, another Indian Muslim, has been appointed Undersecretary of State for arms control, democracy and human rights.
The US media pointed out that Mr Biden has “filled out his State Department team with former career diplomats and veterans of the Obama administration, signaling his desire to return to a more traditional foreign policy after four years of uncertainty and unpredictability under President Donald Trump.”
“This diverse and accomplished team … embodies my core belief that America is strongest when it works with our allies,” Mr Biden said in a statement. “Collectively, they have secured some of the most defining national security and diplomatic achievements in recent memory — and I am confident that they will use their diplomatic experience and skill to restore America’s global and moral leadership.”
Published in Dawn, January 17th, 2021
Great news. Subcontinent people are finding their position in administration of a very powerful country. From the photo of this guy, it seems that he is a generous. Congratulations to Pakistan.


Mar 28, 2009
I might be generalizing given the small sample size I have interacted with, a lot of my people who are naturalized or are second-generation develop this innate need to put everything Indian down. And when in public office they put in that extra effort for India bashing. Thats what I intended to communicate.
But it’s not just bashing - for all its flaws they are seeing a better system and a better thought process. So why should they not tell their folks back home you are screwing up.

However, I do have disdain for criticism for the sake of criticism.


Aug 3, 2008
  • Pakistani-American in any US Administration like to bomb PAKISTAN.

  • Indian-Americans in any US Administration like to bomb PAKISTAN.
It's lose - lose for pakistan due to brown noses syndrome.

At least Indians are respected for their patriotism... Case in point: Hussain Haqqani
Whats a good Pakistani? You mean he serves Pakistan's interests or the U.S.'s?
Like those Indian or Jewish Americans... in the admin.


Nov 27, 2008
United States
United States
Well, at the very least, you non-Americans that are commenting have to recognize the multi-ethnic nature of American society. No other nation in this world would have the range of ethnicity represented as you see here in the governing class. The USA is the foremost melting pot, multicultural society that has ever been. Whether or not this "diversity" is an advantage vis a vis China's authoritarian mono ethnic society is a genuine matter of debate. For the long term health of global humanity it seems that it would be best if the USA's experiment with ethnic diversity is successful.


Jan 20, 2021
United States
Pakistani Origin is the keyword, lets not forget there are grooming gangs in the UK who are exploiting young white girls and the so called Pakistani's as they are often referred as are in the lead. The guy above (if) born in Pakistan and moved to USA as toddler will have far great admiration for America than Pakistan because today he holds not just citizenship, he is elected by the people who were once complete strangers to him. This country not just give him a chance but literally elected/hired this guy to the highest institution, now ask yourself would you really think that a person like that would keep American Interest aside to give priority to push Pakistani Interest because he was once a kid in the country?

People like me ( specifically me ) who moved to US after living a quarter of my life might hold a bit of sympathy towards Pakistani Interest and may even go a little bit over the edge to convince my Gora Boss Senator or congressman to Push for XYZ deal in favor of Pakistan, but hey I have no plans to join in Congress ;) I think I am too old and spend too much of my life in Pakistan to fully give up myself to become an American, not that there is nothing wrong with it, but it's just that It will be impossible to forget all those times and memories which I hold dear and hate will be too hard to erase. On the ending note, no matter which country one is from and migrate to, the larger standing for me is to do what is right even if it means it's not in favor of the country you are born in or raised in.


Mar 1, 2015
That loyalty folks really don’t get though - I got from my time here in this country , just from inception till being a citizen and ongoing. From its citizens of all colors and faiths , regardless of sporadic prejudices I got knowledge, respect and camaraderie.

From my country of birth, leaving my family aside all I got was a failed education system, racism and corruption stepping on my face - heck even when I point it out here most can’t be bothered to speak ill of it.

So tell me @MilSpec, where do the weight of your loyalties lie after that?
Unlike you most of them reaped on the corrupt system like there was no tomorrow. They went in only for personal interests and luck just struck and they made it to the pavilion, So they will always protect home and the system over their ethnic origin unless of course the bribe is handsome.

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