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Beautiful Punjab

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    Gojragojra(Urdu: گوجرہ), the capital of Gojra Tehsil, is a city of Toba Tek Singh District in the Punjab province of Pakistan, it is located at 33°16′60N 73°20′60E and is located 50km from Faisalabad and 20 miles north of Toba Tek Singh. It has a history of more than hundred years, and being the centre of the cultivated lands, the village was famous for its “Mandi” (market) for cash crops. The market was mainly handled by the Hindus and Sikhs but more recently has been run by Muslims following the


    Gojra town was established in 1896 when colonisation of Layallpur (Faisalabad) began. The railway line between Layallpur and Gojra was laid in 1899. The town was given the status of notified area committee in 1904 and upgraded as B-Class Municipality in 1925. In 1906 the population was 2,589 – according to the Imperial Gazetteer of India “The business done in this rising mart on the railway, which has sprung into existence in the last six years owing to the extension of the Chenab Canal to the surrounding country, bids fair to rival in importance that of Lyallpur itself”

    After independence from Britain, in view of its increasing size, it was declared as 2nd class Municipal Committee in 1960. The town was raised to the status of Tehsil town and affiliated with the newly established district Toba Tek Singh on 01.07.1982. After the introduction of Devolution of Powers Plan, the Tehsil Municipal Administration Gojra came into being on 12.08.2001

    Eye Surgery

    Gojra was a renowned centre for eye surgery. Its fame for ophthalmic excellence was known throughout India.

    One of the leading figures of Gojra was the eye surgeon, Dr. Herbhajan Singh. He gave eyesight to a huge number of patients whose eyes could not be cured by many of the ophthalmologists in more sophisticated hospitals in big cities like Delhi, Lahore or Calcutta. Another leading figure was Dr Rehmat Ullah. He was the person who made and kept Gojra famous for eye surgery all over Pakistan for a long time. During his life, Gojra was known as a centre of excellence for eye surgery in the whole country. He established an eye hospital in Gojra, by the name of Dr Rehmat Ullah’s General and Eye Hospital. He was famous for his expertise in the entire country and cured eyes of a huge number of people for free or at very nominal charges. He is still held in high regard and remembered for his services to the ill humanity by senior ophthalmologists from all over the country. Later on his mission was carried on by his two sons Dr Abdul Hafeez and Dr Muhammad Iqbal. People of Gojra hold this family in high regard for their continuing, untiring and selfless services for the people. This family is still serving the community with their services and the hospital founded by late Dr. Rehmat Ullah still stands as witness to the work done by him and being carried over by his family.

    Another doctor, the late Dr Mian Abdul Hafeez, the founder the Mian Hospital is also held in high regard by the people of Gojra. People from distant areas used to travel for treatment by Dr Hafeez. The sons of Dr Hafeez wish to expand the Mian hospital and to make it regain its past popularity for patients. Dr. Amanat is a recent prominent name in field of eye surgery at Gojra.


    Gojra became famous in Pakistan after contributing a number of players to the Pakistan Hockey team, including Iqbal Bali and Muhammad Aslam (famous as Aslam Roda). When they returned to Gojra they established their own hockey teams, and provided free training to the youth of the village. The biggest event in the calendar it used to be the annual fixture between these two teams. This match use to attract a huge crowd. This actually created a nursery for the Pakistan hockey team and many of the Pakistan hockey team players including Manzoor-ul-Hasan, Rasheed-ul-Hasan, Tahir Zaman, Muhammad Shahbaz Junior, Khawar Javedd International, Sheikh Usman, Baber Abdullah, Muhammad Qasim (died on the day of Eid ul-Fitr 2006 due to Cancer). MORE
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    Punjab has beautiful and fertile plains starting from Sadiqabad and ending at some place near to PIndi. Ending of plains is then followed by beautiful mountain ranges. Pindi is a beautiful city developed on mountains. The range of Marghala hills starting form PIndi/Islamabad link to Malikae Kohsar (Queen of Mountains) Muree. Murre is a beautiful tourist spot.