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Battle of Chawinda Second Largest Tank Battle.


Mar 15, 2011
Kiddo run away from here. But i dont blame u as yr an indian so truth is very hard to digest for u people, so it has always been.

why did u open another thread. was it because we disproved everything your cr@ppy article says? what is your response to these comments

1200 indian tanks vs 600 pakistani tanks? :lol: and thats just the beginning.

you tube should have a filter to prevent fanboys from uploading stuff

here is the actual event
Battle of Chawinda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
225 indian tanks vs pakistans 132 +150 (tank reinforcements)

PS: I would also like to see pakistanis draw up analysis about other tank battles instead of the only one they won
To my fellow Pakistanis, please stop embarrassing yourselves by making such absurd and ignorant claims.

Battle of Chawinda was not the second largest Tank Battle.
^^ most pakistanis dont bring up tank battles, even this one. because then the indians will dig up the past battles which are heavily in our favour.

Like this tank battle in 1965 war
Battle of Asal Uttar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
whats interesting here is not only the 2:1 ratio IA tanks were up against, but the quality of the tanks themselves.Both American. India using the WW2 sherman while Pakistan using the cold war era Patton!
VERY impressive track record to say the least!


Oct 20, 2008
United States
This battle is rarely discussed in western military spheres, I don't know why they overlook Battle of Chawinda. Barely, anyone outside the subcontinent knows about this battle in spite of it being the Second largest tank battle, second only to the Battle of Kursk.


May 24, 2011
1. It is often said that victory to Pakistan in '65 War came courtesy 3xA's - Allah (swt), Air Force and Artillery. In modern warfare such professional and effective use of artillery hasn't been seen. The total credit for this goes to Brig Amjad Choudhury who used his guns with devastating effect.

2. Unfortunately Pakistani leadership of the time lacked intellectual mind. The only one Bhutto was a crook and an evil genius. Somehow he was able to convince Ayub that the Kashmiris would rise spontaneously and that Pakistan's SEATO and CENTO allies as well as USA would stand by Pakistan automatically. Therefore, Op Gibraltar was planned unprofessionally - if it was planned at all. Ayub must take the blame for this. His selection of key people around him was poor.Beside Bhutto, ISI boss of the time lacked intellect to ***** affairs himself since his organization was still rather modest. Ayub hardly listened to Brig Ahmed, IB Chief who had a wider and incisive perception. Selection of Musa instead of Sher Ali Khan or Habibullah Khan was terrible. In '65 Musa proved his ineptness. By quickly changing mind and commanders he confused the Army HQ and the field commanders.

3. What on earth made Musa give command of a fighting division to a timid Brigadier of ASC? Ismail was instantly unpopular to all officers and troops. I give you one example. Around 19/20 Sep a desperate Indian push came west of Sialkot-Jammu road. This reached Puran Bhagat Ka Khu near Rak Marakiwal and almost hit the unit lines of 2 Baloch in the Cantt. 4 Baloch was withdrawn from defense and launched in a counter attack. The attack succeeded in pushing back the Indian ingress from Nazwal-Punwal area, but they retained BM a small isolated hillock. When receeing for the attack Ismail arrived near the scene and asked some officers about a vantage point. Without hesitation they showed him a path which was under observation of Indian FOO. And soon Ismail was under Indian artillery bombardment - which, however, did not injure or kill him. And again in this last attack of the war, Brig Amjad was able to converge the entire artillery effort in the area including that of 8 Medium commanded by Lieut Col Ata, another amazing gunner.


Nov 21, 2012
And people are sitting in the tanks....
Suicide is haram in islam, you wont be shaheed if you commit suicide.
It can't be termed as sucide you are ordered to blow the tank if you try to blow it from front they would notice you and you would be killed hence it is best condition
soo attack on talibans in Tirah can also be termed as sucide then??
or attacking a shore with infantary in which you know that you would loose half of ships before reaching to shore and so submarine people are too sent on a sucide missions and in airforces such no return missions can also be observed
i can't get you moron hadnot seen such troll in Pakistan like you……

Umair Nawaz

Sep 10, 2012
why did u open another thread. was it because we disproved everything your cr@ppy article says? what is your response to these comments
LOL kiddo read the article its written by Major Shamshad n was published in defense journal in 97-98.

and under NOTE section it gives a detail of sources from where it was made.
These posters n their opinion is their individual point of view its not a reality.

We will reather believe in this article then yr wikipedia which has Bharat Rakshak as its source for Battle of chawinda page.:rofl:


Jan 20, 2011
I have read in text books that pakistani faujis were doing suicide blasting in chawinda against indian tanks......who said tamil tigers started this trend?
you have the stupidest posts

this post proved that

And people are sitting in the tanks....
Suicide is haram in islam, you wont be shaheed if you commit suicide.
your stupidest posts

proved second time


Mar 28, 2009
United States
United States
And people are sitting in the tanks....
Suicide is haram in islam, you wont be shaheed if you commit suicide.
This is an account from the battle of Uhud.. when the Muslims, having left their flanks to pick booty were attacked.. and cornered.
The Prophet was almost exposed with the Quraysh almost at him.. they sent their cavalry to attack the Prophet who was protected by those on foot.. This is from the account written by martin Lings and is from the earliest sources:

Another body of horse broke through the rear of the Muslims, and advanced in front of 'Abd al-Ka'bah, who now withdrew. "Which of you will sell himself for us?'" said the Prophet, and five of the Helpers drew their swords, threw themselves on the enemy, and fought till they were killed, except for one, who was mortally wounded.But help was at hand to replace them, for 'Ali, Zubayr, Talhah and Abu Dujanah and others who had been in the forefront of the battle had fought their way back through the host.
Now, five men on foot.. went after a cavalry attack to protect the command post and Prophet.. It was likely a suicide scenario.. a desperate move to stave off an attack till help was at hand. Moreover, the Prophet requested that this be done.. so.. would the prophet order something Haram? That is the question to be asked of your self.

Suicide as the first attempt.. as a means to kill civilians(non-combatants) is Haram. Since even harming non-combatants is Haram in Islam so a suicide attack at them is out of the question. But if a seemingly hopeless attack deters the enemy for the greater cause then it is the best.
That does not mean you go ahead and arm every tank with a self destruct or give every soldier a suicide vest because that is the waste of a Muslim.. But always be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.. Instead of looking at civilian suicide bombers as the example.. you would have been better off looking at the examples of Sq Ldr Rafiqui in the Air.. who even after his guns were jammed.. and having the right to roll away and bug out.. stayed in the fight to distract the enemy from his wingman and did not abandon him.
Their suicide attack was the ultimate sacrifice.. against an "armed" enemy.. and the last resort.. because NO other option remained.
When enemy tanks are going to roll down your lines, and certainly bring total disarray to your defense.. then picking up an anti-tank mine.. and strapping it your chest to stop them is an option you take for the greater good.

Sadly, the TTP will also use similar logic to justify their attacks.. but they murder non-combatants..Wherein Islam forbids attacking an unarmed enemy combatant.

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