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Battle of Badr: The first of the great battles of Islam

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Irfan Baloch

Apr 12, 2009

Cro-magnon skeletons.

Ruins of mehrgarh.

Physical facts yet?
The only one living in delusions is you,still enslaved by blind faith.Man is a man because of his own intelligence.When he surrenders this to preconcieved notions utterly and completely he loses his humanity.And we can see the consequences of such action in ISIS today.
and @Zarvan out of scope guys

thanks for your contribution lets leave it there

You source is fabricated ...
Look at the name of the site and what fabricated info it has ....
However, your rant is real ...venomous and degrading ...!
@Irfan Baloch Do you take action only when there is a discussion on Shia-Sunni issue ....?
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this Norwegian is a strange beast. he is very brass and misguided in his conclusions sometimes I cant really nail him where he stands. I get an impression he is ashamed/ hateful towards being Muslim I maybe wrong but that tendency is not helping his argument.

And No, I take action on all religious hate material.


Sep 15, 2006
United Kingdom
Except that in Christianity Jesus,or the prophet before him (John) don't pick the sword to kill ,rape other people and destroy their cities.The know that their Divine mission can be acomplished by God and their deeds,there's no need for human wars .They sacifice themselves without lifting a finger in their defence when their enemies come for them because they know that God's plan is more powerfull than millions of human swords on Earth.They do not need people to kill for their religion,they do not need their religion spread by the sword.Did people sometimes spread Christianity by the sword ? Yes ,they did but that was not the message of Jesus,unlike Muhammad.That's what sets this two apart ,making one the Son of God,without any fears on Earth ,no frustrations and the other just a man,a man who needed swords to protect him,armies to kill others in his name,a man like others with fears,anger and lust.
I've always heard this from folks before but it simply does not make any sense. The Prophets proceeding Christ were very much "war Prophets" you only need to look at the the battles and raids Moses, Joshua, Saul, Jehu and David fought in, and what happened to the Amalekites, Midianites, Gibeonites, Philistines, Canaanites etc. There was plenty of sword and fire involved in their accounts. The Bible clearly states the Lord had ordained such actions. So what you said regarding Muhammad in a demeaning manner can clearly be applied in these cases as well, although I believe in these Prophets.
I know it's the OT and that has been abrogated by the NT, but why do Christians the world over still believe in such accounts, take lessons from them, seek spirituality from them and preach them on a weekly and daily basis from the alters? Because it is God's word (I believe that to).
If Christians still insist that the OT means nothing to them and Christ's message is supreme , then that raises uncomfortable questions on why God had a sudden change of heart, after giving revelations that were the direct opposite of "turning the cheek" i.e. to not only smash the other cheek but end the existence of the entire people that attacked you. Shouldn't consistency be one of the Lord's greatest traits?
Many secular and atheist writers write, with firmness that Muhammad's wars were very much in-line with what is in the Bible, especially the OT.
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