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Barrister Zahid Jamil deserts FIA bosses in crucial Axact case

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    Is it a voluntary move or part of some game?

    The most recent development in the much-trumpeted Axact scandal has had a rather interesting development; Barrister Zahid Jamil, representing the FIA as Special Public Prosecutor, disassociated himself from the proceedings of the bail applications of directors of Axact pending at the Sindh High Court. Barrister Jamil submitted a statement before the honorable court on Jan 18, saying that such circumstances have arisen due to which he is not in a position to assist the court in this particular case. He claimed that his decision to disassociate himself from the case remains to preserve his “professional conduct.

    Jamil’s vague statement in which he tried to give an impression that he is quitting the case under some pressure and situation beyond his control needs a proper investigation.

    Was Jamil felt that his life was under threat or being harassed?

    Certainly not as it is a simple corporate case in which the FIA has not only closed down the entire operations of Axact but also put its entire leadership in prison. Axact’s owners and management appear too weak and too isolated to put any sort of pressure. In fact, they have been unable even to get simple legal remedies for themselves or their business during the past eight months.

    Was Jamil being pressured to improve his game by the FIA bosses?

    After all the FIA hired him as a private resource on a hefty fee and its bosses must be expecting him to prosecute the accused more aggressively and effectively. But the past several months of performance of Jamil shows that he relied more on delaying the case rather than going for its effective closure. In fact, the proper hearing of the case could not even start. Jamil’s focus was more on getting a new hearing date in each appearance. The delay in the case has been a great embarrassment for FIA Director Shahid Hayat Khan, who has been taking a personal interest in the case. Jamil, seen as a smooth talker, seems to have exhausted the quota of his tricks both before the honourable court and the FIA bosses.

    Was Jamil too close to some other business groups & sharing details of the case with them?

    According to the FIA sources, while his performance in the court proved a big question mark, his closeness to some businesspeople including a media owner, also raised eyebrows in some quarters.

    FIA is not just Shahid Hayat Khan,” confided a source. “While he could ignore closeness of Barrister Jamil with some controversial businesspeople who are facing NAB charges, there are other tiers and senior officials who want to see matters be run in a more professional manner.” he said.

    When Zahid Jamil was nominated as the special public prosecutor for the FIA against Axact, many eye brows were raised both in the journalist community and the bar.

    Zahid Jamil is known more for delaying cases rather than winning them,” said a senior lawyer requesting anonymity. “His appointment was taken as a sign that those wanting to target Axact were only interested in prolonging the case and not the verdict,” he said.

    Speculations are rife among the media circles that a media tycoon, whose fixation with Axact and its media arm Bol Media Group is known to all, is trying to give a different twist to the story of Zahid Jamil after his exit from the Axact case.

    Rather than asking straight questions that why did he quit? Is Jamil being forthcoming when he says that he is being pressured in this case? And of course the mother of all questions; who is pressuring Jamil?

    Afterall, a lawyer cannot and should not abandon clients, and the causes he pleads like this… vague excuses won’t help the cause of justice. Barrister Jamil, if he is a lawyer worth his salt, should have spoken clearly and boldly rather than creating confusion on behalf of his benefactors in the corruption-tainted businesses and media empires.

    The FIA bosses should also probe who orchestrated Barrister Jamil’s delaying moves in the Axact case?

    Source: Barrister Zahid Jamil deserts FIA bosses in crucial Axact case | Pak Biz