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Bangladesh’s per capita foreign debt now stands at Tk 24,890


Jun 14, 2016
I am glad you asked. A study was done by ADB in this regard. The ADB study stated that the 24,000 vehicles to cross the bridge daily in 2022 will include 8,238 buses, 10,244 trucks and 5000 microbuses and cars. It also said that by 2025, the number of vehicles crossing Padma bridge will be 27,800 per day. By 2030 this will go up to 36,785. In 2040, the number of vehicles crossing the bridge daily will be 51,807.
ADB or what, we will see the reality of what happens in 2022. For the time being, can you just tell us how many buses, trucks, motor vehicles etc. uses ferries in total both in Mawa-Bhanga and Aricha-Paturia routes every day?

I am asking this because the total number of vehicles that will use the Padma Bridge will not exceed the total number that uses the ferries in these two different points.

Is the total more than 500 now? If so where you or ADB will find 24,000 vehicles every day of the year? You cannot get together this figure even if you gather all the vehicles that ply throughout the country.

Do not please falsify data. I regularly cross Aricha-Paturia and I know how many ferries transport vehicles there. Vehicle number is less than 300.

So, please come back to this thread when your falsified data come true.
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