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Bangladesh withdraws school books after anti-LGBTQ backlash



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Dec 31, 2022
They are a sexual minority, but their agenda is pushed by the majority. It went from gay rights to LGBTQI+ with a flag, an agenda to normalize additional sexual deviancies in the future.

... for now. West can force its evolving 'human rights' issues upon weaker nations through economic sanctions.
Again, its an absurd point you try to make. Stop consuming so much western media.
Do you work in the west? You would realize they don't care that much about these issues, not to the point of enacting sanctions over them. Just because you see "corporate shit" about LGBTQ pushed by HR executives and university students doesn't mean it is some powerful entity in the real world.

Those in power in the west care only about maximizing profit. The value of life in the east is cheap. As long as that remains the case they do not care for interfering in the affairs of weaker nations.

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