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Bangladesh: Recommendation to increase the number of arms factories.


Apr 18, 2012
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
This would inevitably lead to guns leaking into public and into the hands of the thugs who work for the rich and corrupt..

Violent crime is already a regularity of life in Bangladesh, we don't need gun crime too.

The government of Bangladesh needs to control every aspect of everything to do with arms.
There is really no difference if you get a gun from a BD factory or from a foreign manufacturer. If you want a gun you can get it.

Most capitalist countries engage the private sector, there is no reason whatsoever it should be an exception for BD. We just need to put up contingencies like other countries.

In this we will have to disagree

This is why I was referring to the broken moral compass of Bangladeshis. A lot of safeguards that are taken for granted in developed nations do not work well in BD - We cannot let the private sector dictate terms in matters of defence and national security. They will easily buy up politicians and bureaucrats to influence decisions.
Happens everywhere else will happen here too. I would rather BD politicians in the pockets of BD arms manufacturers than foreign manufacturers.

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