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Bangladesh opens 50 new mosques to celebrate 50 years of independence

Jobless Jack

Aug 12, 2012
A welcome move. Something that should have been done 30 years ago.

Its high time all mosques and madrasas are brought under govt supervision to stop the spread of Wahhabism and radical Islamic terrorism .


Sep 2, 2018
United Arab Emirates
This fascination of Muslim Countries to open Mosques escapes me. Unless these Mosques serve as houses of worship and education, there is absolutely no point in just spending money in building and maintaining these mosques. As Muslims, we can pray on any land anywhere out in the open sun as well. Use this money to build up your universities and hospitals.
It's symbolism and welcome.
You are ridiculous... There is no such thing as changing your own ways the islamophobe wants you death he doesn't care about extremism or what not they just want you death... You have to confront it head-on and subdue it there is no other alternative to it... There is no place for apologetics and there is nothing to be apologetic about... We are known to be the most unapologetic we won't change that for anyone....

Islamophobia is the greatest thing that has happened to the ummah since the last century people were slowly leaving Islam but help came to us from an unexpected place this will return people to Islam as in reaction to Islamophobia and our golden age will return due to the consequences of that.. Sometimes your biggest help comes from an unexpected sources
I want you to think about what's more islamophobic, or dangerous to Islam.

Muslim nations themselves failing, or not clamping down on terrorist organizations using our own religion, which we hold as sacred, to conduct terrorism...

Or the reactions by some people to the Islamic laws, systems and schools of thought as a result of our inaction on domestic issues surrounded by the garb of religion, such as lack of education, proper scientific development, and terrorism.

This does not include racists who would want me dead because I am a Muslim.
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