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Bangladesh is the only place where we do not get any support: Rohit Sharma

The Ronin

Mar 24, 2017

Indian opener Rohit Sharma mentioned during a live Facebook video chat with Bangladesh ODI skipper Tamim Iqbal that Bangladesh is the only country in the world where the Indian team does not get any support when they play against the hosts.

In an attempt to keep fans and people in general entertained during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Tamim invited India opener Rohit for a live interaction on Friday night. And during one part of the video chat, the topic of Bangladeshi supporters came up.

Rohit holds a very good record against the Tigers. The right-hander has punished Bangladesh many times over the years and reminiscing about Rohit's carnages, Tamim asked, "Rohit bhai, why do you keep doing this with us? You scored a hundred in the 2015 World Cup [quarterfinal], you scored another one again in the 2017 Champions Trophy [semifinal] and also in the 2019 World Cup you smashed a hundred against us. Although it was because I dropped you in that game."

Tamim also remembered how he was trolled and the stick that he received for dropping Rohit, who was on nine at that time, in that game at Edgbaston.

"I remember how people trolled me for that. I was just praying for you to get out somehow. But when you reached 40, I gave up as I knew what was about to happen," sighed Tamim.

Rohit went on to receive the player-of-the-match award for his 92-ball 104 as India won by 28 runs.

Rohit tried to find a reason behind all the trolling that Tamim received and the Indian opener said that the fans in Bangladesh are very passionate.

"Yes, I remember that match. I know how passionate your [Bangladeshi] fans are. It is only in Bangladesh where we do not get any support. Every other place in the world we go, we usually get a lot of support. But only in Bangladesh, we just see maybe 100-200 Indian fans [at the stadium]. The support that you get in Bangladesh and also the support we get in our country is unparalleled," said Rohit.



Feb 4, 2014
United States
Well we are supposed to support our Tigers. How do Indians expect that we will support their players against ours?

Cricket (and Sports in general) is a very passionate deal.

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