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Bangladesh in Dilemma -


May 8, 2017
United Kingdom
BANGLADESH IN DILEMMA: MYANMAR HAS REQUESTED BANGLADESH TO REFRAIN FROM RESPONDING TO ICC'S CALL, আবার বলা হচ্ছে মিয়ানমারকে চাপ অব্যাহত রাখুন : যামু কোনদিকে আমরা

1. Bangladesh has sent today opinions, observations to the International Criminal Court over exercise of its jurisdiction to investigate the forced deportation of Rohingyas though Myanmar had requested Bangladesh to refrain from responding to ICC's call. In a letter to Bangladesh on May 9, the international court asked the Government to submit written observations by June 11. Earlier on April 9, ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda asked the court to rule on whether it has jurisdiction over the deportation of the Myanmar nationals, a possible crime against humanity. Just two days back Bangladesh said it will not send the observations / opinions.

2. Myanmar conveyed to Bangladesh foreign ministry that the ongoing repatriation process will be affected if Dhaka gets engaged with the ICC, by passing the bilateral initiative to solve the refugee crisis. Besides, China, Russia and India have advised Bangladesh to solve the Rohingya problem bilaterally.

3. We must behave courageously in front of a country like Myanmar – otherwise condemned by the world for their act of ‘Barbarity’ against the poor, innocent Rohingya Muslims.এই শালারা একটা লোকও ফেরৎ লইবনা।

4. I think, Bangladesh has been reduced to a state of ‘Helplessness’ on the Rohingya issue. One very important thing that we remained weak – is creating a strong ‘Deterrent’ against Myanmar Defence Forces. Our Valiant Armed Forces preferred to remain quiet in the name of diplomacy. We really feel sad, frustrated and humiliated in front of the Mogh Army.

* Reframed from News items in Daily Star and প্রথম আলো 06 June 2018.


Apr 18, 2012
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Bollocks to the monkeys.... BD must look ahead and cooperate with ICC. Chickens will come home to roost in time for the fascists.

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