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Bangladesh gains strong position in global IT outsourcing market

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    Bangladesh gains strong position in global IT outsourcing market

    Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)
    DHAKA, Nov 3, 2012 (BSS) - Despite some challenges, the young IT experts and professionals of Bangladesh are securing a strong position increasingly in the global outsourcing markets, said experts.

    Low labour cost and quality of product as well as skill and efficiency of local IT people are compelling the world IT industry, which is account for US$ 3.4 trillion global market, to look forward to Bangladesh for outsourcing, they added.

    "Renowned companies move towards Bangladesh with new orders
    regularly as global IT industries are expected to boost in next
    few years," president of Bangladesh Association of Software and
    Information Services (BASIS) A.K.M. Fahim Mashroor told BSS.

    He said the low cost labour pool and real potential are the
    key competitive advantages for Bangladeshi IT people, which are
    magnetizing the world IT community.

    "As the production cost increased in other countries like
    India, China and the Philippines, Bangladesh has emerged as a
    lucrative outsourcing market," Mashroor added.

    The BASIS president opined that the sector in Bangladesh
    needs proper guidelines for its flourishing.

    Industry insiders said the average wage of an outsourced IT
    sector employee is around US$ 8 per hour in Bangladesh compared
    to US$ 20 in India and US$ 10 to 15 in the Philippines.

    Moreover, Bangladesh has one of the largest and youngest
    populations in Asia, with 150 million people of whom some 65 per
    cent are under 25.

    According to a BASIS estimate, there are some 15,000
    freelancers in Bangladesh doing outsourced work for technology
    companies from across the globe.

    Besides, the country has also some 500 registered IT
    outsourcing companies, which collectively employ an additional
    20,000 workers.

    Against the backdrop of huge potentially for outsourcing,
    the first-ever outsourcing summit in the country is going to be
    held on November 17 with the slogan 'Discover Your Creativity,
    Build Your Career'.

    Local firm 'Creative IT Limited' would arrange the
    'Outsourcing Summit- 2012' in the city. Leading outsourcing
    experts from home and abroad will conduct a number of workshops
    and seminars and share their experiences in the summit, said
    Monir Hossain, convener of the Outsourcing Summit.

    Hossain, also the managing director of Creative IT Ltd, said
    Bangladesh is a new opportunity in outsourcing and it has high
    potential, as there are a huge number of talented youths in the

    Besides, the government has put concentration on developing
    the IT outsourcing industry. The Access to Information (A2I) of
    the Prime Minister's office is conducting activities on freelance
    outsourcing to create a 'Digital Bangladesh' by 2020.

    In last December, leading technology Research Company
    Gartner ranked Bangladesh for the first time in its annual list
    as one of its top 30 countries for IT services outsourcing in

    Bangladesh began developing an outsourcing sector in 2004
    and it is now worth around $100 million. The country earned US$
    70 million last year from software export, according to BASIS

    But there are major challenges, which must be addressed
    before the industry can flourish. Gartner gave Bangladesh a
    "poor" rating in three vital areas - infrastructure, language
    skills and data, and intellectual property security.

    Talking to BSS, Bangladesh Association of Call Centre and
    Outsourcing (BACCO) President Ahmadul Hoq Bobby said poor
    infrastructure, including frequent power crises and slow and
    unreliable Internet connections are the most immediate problems
    for the industry.

    "We need uninterrupted power and a second submarine cable
    connection with high bandwidth," he said.
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    Bangladesh has a long way to go firstly they need to fix electricity and Internet