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'Bangladesh Dawood's new base'


Mar 8, 2009
We have suspected this for long. It is well known that most of the Islamist terrorist groups operating in South Asia including Ai Quaida have established bases and networks in BD. That the crime-mafia-terrorist syndicate of Dawood Ibrahim which operates in sync with many of these groups, has also shifted base to BD was long suspected. It is being confirmed now. Though I dont think this implies that they will close shop in Karachi which has been their base for many decades as they enjoy official protection and patronage in Karachi.

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'Bangladesh Dawood's new base'
Dhaka, August 21, 2009

After shifting his bases from India to Pakistan and the Middle East, India's biggest enemy - Dawood Ibrahim - has been working on a new platform in Bangladesh to carry out his anti-nation activities, the Dhaka Police have said.

The recent arrest of two Dawood aides in Bangladesh has made the Indian intelligence agencies sit up and take notice of the latest developments. The duo revealed a deadly plan according to which the most wanted gangster and terrorist was slowly but surely building up a base in Bangladesh.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police DCP Munir Islam said, "We have arrested two Dawood underlings - Rauf Merchant and Zaheed. They have given details of the D-company operations in Bangladesh."
Pressure from the US forced Dawood to look for newer playgrounds and he found Bangladesh fittest for his terrorist activities. He has also planned to use the porous Indo-Bangla border to smuggle fake Indian currencies.

Dawood has been sending his shooters to Bangladesh and China. In fact, the latest inputs revealed that he was actually hiring shooters from small towns and villages around Dhaka. An assured salary of Rs 5,000 per month was enough to buy their loyalty.

"We have informed Interpol and also the Indian agencies. We are working with them to find out more about their plans," Islam said.

The phone records of Rauf and Zaheed have revealed a part of the bigger picture. The phone records link them to Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) operatives who too were hiding in Bangladesh.

Now the pressure is on the Bangladesh Police to work with Indian agencies to cut off the lifeline of this underworld-terror network.

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