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Bangladesh can export edible oil to India: Indian envoy


Feb 4, 2014
United States
Hehe. Doesn't compare to your "Shiva Linga" class frigates though. Reminds me of you every time I think of Indian frigates. :lol:
Ha ha ha :lol:

I pissed off a lot of Indians with that moniker. Senior Indian posters here almost had me suspended...

I posted a video some years ago where the City of San Francisco had left a large traffic bollard like this in the middle of a city park by mistake. Some sanghi women noticed it during their morning walks and next thing you know, they had brought in haldi/sindoor/flowers and started offering pooja to this makeshift "Shiv-Linga" traffic bollard. Now the City was in dire straits. Because if they moved it they'd be seen as insensitive to religious sentiments - look at the video.

But half of the things Sanghis claim aren't even what they claim.

Not saying anything about the rest of the decent Indian folks (mostly congressis) like Dinesh Vohra bhaisaab whose support we do need - because they at least want to reason with Bangladesh unlike these uneducated Sanghi fascist chamars. Inmates are running the asylum and look at the halat of India now....economy in shambles.

There are plenty of decent folks in India, but they are meek and moot now in front of these Sanghi goondas. Can't say anything, they're riding these bad times out somehow.
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