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Bangladesh Army's New Type59G MBT


Jan 25, 2010
China Defense Blog: Bangladesh Army's New Type59G MBT

Bangladesh Army's New Type59G MBT

According to our friend, the Bangladesh Military Forum, (http://www.***********.com) (*********** = bdmilitary), the first public appearance of the long-expected Type 59G was reported by today's Channel-i news.

In essence, this latest Type59MBT variant is a Type 96G in a Type59 body modified to carry a 125mm main gun, a modern fire control system, and the latest Chinese armor protection package. A total of 300 examples of Type59G will be rebuild from the existing fleet. In addition to the Type59G rebuild program, the Bangladesh army will procure the Type96 MBT in due course as part of a greater modernization drive. Since both MBTs are sharing many common components, this will greatly reduce the load on the existing logistic infrastructure.

Here is a list of Chinese land forces hardware to be procured by the Bangladesh Army compiled by BMF.

* 7 x Type 96 MBTs (Not delivered yet, but eventually a couple of regiments)
* 5 x MBT ARV (Chinese, for MBT2000/Type 96 recovery)
* 300 x Type 59 MBT Upgrade (1 spotted at Dhaka; Army named them as "Type 59 G")
* 1 x SPH Regt (Chinese 122 or 155 mm SPH is expected)
* 1 x ADA Regiment (This complements another air defence regiment in BDA. Regiment is equivalent of brigade; Equipped with Chinese AAGs and MANPADS).


Profile for new Type 59G MBT at *************** created with input from armoured corps officer, photo analysis and Chinese defense websites:

http://www.***********.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=333&Itemid=97 (*********** = bdmilitary)

Included is a picture. (see more at the link)

In my opinion China knows how to make use of it's existing equipments, there are lots of type 059 hulls left in china. In modern tank warfare it is probably more important to detect you enemy first and fire accurately than having good enough armour.


Nov 2, 2009
This sounds nice, good to know that the modernization is having some progress. Though, I do doubt BDMilitarys credibility.

Anyways, here is what BDMil says about the Type 59G MBT:

Type 59G Main Battle Tank

Due to obsolesce the standard Type 59 main battle tanks of the Bangladesh Army needed to be replaced with a highly capable yet cost-effective solution. As a result the Bangladesh Army pursued a tank upgrade project that would bring the Type 59 tanks in line with modern armoured vehicle standards of today. In this regard China provided technical assistance to upgrade the Bangladesh Army’s entire main battle tank fleet including the Type 59 and Type 69 tanks under a multi-billion taka project.

The rebuilt tanks have been named as “Type 59G Main Battle Tank”. It incorporates a number of revolutionary improvements including a much up gunned 125mm smoothbore main gun with 42 rounds, which is capable of firing APFSDS, HEAT-FS, HE-FS, barrel-launched anti-tank guided missiles, and Depleted Uranium (DU) shells. The main gun can be reloaded by a semi-automatic autoloader and is equipped with a dual-axis stabilisation system allowing 6~8 rounds to be fired per minute. The new generation European thermal imaging sights (TIS) provides Type 59G with clear vision to commander and gunner during any adverse conditions.

The integrated fire control system on the Type 59G is equipped with a built-in laser range finder and ballistics computer, which is able to feed precise range information to improve accuracy of the main gun. A meteorological sensor connected to the fire control system is also mounted on the roof.

One remote-operated 12.7mm machine gun with 500 rounds is mounted on the roof for air defence purposes. A 7.62mm machine gun mounted coaxially with the 125mm smoothbore gun is also fitted. It is provided with 2,500 rounds of ammunition. In addition, six electrically operated grenade launchers are mounted on each side of the turret.

Protection is afforded by the use of arrow shaped add-on armour modules in front of the turret and Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) tiles are mounted in front of the hull, side skirts and storage tank area located on the rear of the turret. A laser threat warning device is fitted to inform the tank and its crew if targeted by laser range finders. An automatic fire-fighting and explosive suppression system is fitted to increase crew survivability.

The Type 59G is equipped with a powerful new 730 hp liquid-cooled 12-cyclinder diesel engine allowing the rebuilt tank to exceed speeds of 65 km/h. New torsion bar suspension system provides greater crew comfort over the old suspension system.


The Type 59G was first seen in public during November, 2010 when one example was being driven away by a tank transporter from Dhaka. Subsequently on the 24th of November, 2010 various private television channels of Bangladesh aired footage of the Chief of Army Staff inspecting some Type 59G Main Battle Tanks during an official visit to Bogra cantonment.

It is expected that some 300 Type 59 tanks will be rebuilt at the premises of the 902 Heavy Workshop, where Type 69 tanks were also upgraded earlier.


Nov 29, 2009
Quite possible....because the upgradation was done under a prolonged period of time....thus may be its completed or in the last stage now....

If the news is true, its great to see the project being completed....


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