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Azadi March Islamabad Report

Discussion in 'Social & Current Events' started by Osama Ali1996, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Apr 17, 2014
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    By:Osama Ali
    Dated 20th September 2014, PTI chairmen IK burned his bill with his own hands. The moment was exciting and awesome. Their were crowd cheers and excitement. This shows IKs fulfillment of the promise he did a day before yesterday. In the rally whatever IK made allegations #fulfilled it. This shows IKs honestly and simplicity. IK has always been as simple as common people .Today as per the announcement IK will visit Karachi protesters to boost them, make them burn their bills and create a joyful environment there also. Thw sweetest taste of the joy in Islamabad will be gone today but will INSH AA ALLAH return on Sunday.
    My request to PDF (members who are the supporters of PTI and the GO NAWAZ GO moment) Please do join the crowd with your friends, family friends, families and relatives. Enjoy the moment , but its better to say "Enjoy your moment" because whatever stands are taken by the protestersis for we "The common people". Just keep in mind the three core values of our beloved leader Qaid e Azam that are " Unity, Faith and Discipline" and practise these values not only today but also in the rest of your lives. Another reminder is that keep in mind the main object of this Azadi March, the main objectives of this protest is:To get rid of the current corrupt and selfish Rulers, have fair elections and get justice . Please guys keep all your criticisms about IK and Tahir ul Qadri in the bathrooms and think about your own selves, whatever is happening is happening just for you . And let me clear the opposition that IK and Tahir ul Qadri arent taking steps for them selves, i mean why should they do it for themselves when they have got every facility, VIP protocols and are rich enough. So what is the need? They dont need justice, they dont need good bread, clothing and shelter as they have it! So, it is you! It is you people (The Nation) for whom struggle is in process for getting rid of the current Government and justice. So please kindly think about it.
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