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Australian Antarctic supply ship erupts in flames

Vanguard One

Dec 20, 2019
An investigation is underway after an Australian Antarctic resupply vessel erupted in flames with more than 100 crew on board.

The MPV Everest was making its way to Hobart, Tasmania when a fire began in the engine room just after 2pm on Monday.

The ship was located about 550 nautical miles north-east of Mawson Station in Australian Antarctic Territory and had 109 crew and expedition staff on board at the time.


None of the 109 crew were hurt when a fire began in the engine room of an Australian resupply vessle. (Nine)

The ship's crew activated the engine room's water-mist fire suppression system to extinguish the fire.

Roughly three hours later, the fire had been put out with no injured during the incident.

The ship was diverted but has since resumed passage to Tasmania at a reduced speed.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) have begun an investigation into the cuase of the fire.


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