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Assam-Sylhet ties

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    Some excerpts from the piece:

    Assam industry minister, Chandra Mohan Patwary said that it is the firm conviction of the government, that the future growths of Assam and entire North-East lies in its re-integration with this region, as both have a large amount of commonalities in terms of the DNA, food, social and cultural fabric.

    Patwary said that historically, Assam has been a rich and prosperous region with its resources namely, oil, tea, timber and coal. The British understood the business importance of these commodities and traded these to the outside world through the Stilwell Road, Tamu-Moreh-Mandalay Road, train route from Makum to Chittagong, the river route from Brahmaputra via ferries to Calcutta Port and Chittagong Port and the road routes from Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura to Bangladesh.

    In this connection, the legislators and senior government officials, embarked upon a bus journey from Guwahati to Sylhet and from Imphal to Manadalay and Yangon, to understand the various issues, problems and opportunities which trade routes offer in these two countries, and also beyond these two countries with ASEAN.

    Patwary said the delegation from Assam had a fruitful discussion on how to resume trade. The delegation had a discussion with senior functionaries of Government of Bangla ..
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