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Army Backing Vital for Khan to Survive Pakistan Confidence Vote: Bloomberg


Aug 28, 2006
Banning it won't change perceptions.

The problem is that Western media overwhelmingly depends on analysts (including Pakistanis) that still cling to the 'Army controls everything' theories. Changing these perceptions will require time and a new breed of Pakistani analysts that stop looking at everything through the lens of 'Army manipulation'.

On that count, some of the steps Moeed Yusuf has taken to help expand existing think tanks and incubate new ones will help. We need Pakistani think tanks with analysts that can think outside the 'Army' box and have the government provide grants or other funding to help broaden their research, reach and connectivity with global institutions and the domestic and foreign media.

Just look at the Indians for example - even those analysts that are critical of Modi take a very pro-Indian and nationalist line. That is what Pakistan needs, but it will take time and in my view banning Bloomberg will not help address structural deficiencies.

That said, I am in favor of banning organizations like Voice of America, RFE etc that repeatedly push an anti-Pakistan line in terms of supporting borderline terrorism and insurrection in Pakistan through support for groups like the PTM or BLA/BRA etc.
Good Sir,

Banning media sources is not a good idea in my view - this move will not help counter questionable publicity and/or make them go away. Locals would grow out of touch with international line-of-thoughts on the contrary. This dynamic have not helped Chinese one bit.

What WE need is better international representation with academic scholars and people in the knowhow to help advance Pakistani developments in domestic and foreign circles in productive ways as well as to counter yellow journalism in the mix.

Who is stopping numerous Patriotic Pakistani to write for Bloomberg and even Voice of America to begin with? Even the Taliban have written articles for NYT. Imagine this.

If WE can tolerate Geo TV, these are minor issues.


Apr 29, 2019
United Kingdom
“No party can remain in power without institutional support from the army,” said Amit Ranjan, research fellow at the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore. “Whoever comes next, if Khan loses, also needs support from the army.”
Bloody filth Amit from Hindustan ....the reality is that Pakistan's PEOPLE, MILITARY AND IMRAN KHAN are aligned as one.

Who are these bstards speaking on behalf of Pakistan to Bloomberg? They tack on "south Asia" to their titles to suit their false flagging posturing. Why do Pakistanis not also declare themselves as "south Asian" experts and discuss Hindustan at liberty with white people? In fact, I myself am a foremost leading expert in "south Asian" affairs.

All these "Amits" must think we were born yesterday.

Pakistan's Army is entirely representative of the views/interests of Pakistan's people and it serves them alone. Khan has so far acted largely in accordance with that. PA is doing the job of any army in any democratic nation, upholding the will of the majority of the people. It will continue to do this. The army would only move against Khan or anyone else if the majority of the Pakistani nation asked it to. This very concept is anathema to Indians and the white people they repeatedly brainwash. By inserting this "Pakistan army, Pakistan army" step needlessly into the chain of events, these Indian bstards actually ignore the fact that Pakistan's people's writ is being served. The sequence of transmission of will is directly from the people to the elected government, and the army safeguards this.

Indians involved in "south Asian studies" need to start explaining their statements, in particular, how is Pakistan's Army doing anything against the desires of Pakistan's majority of voters( I.e. how is this army doing anything other than what ANY army in any democracy does?).


Dec 7, 2017
As I have pointed out plenty of times with Bloomberg articles, the article is written by that a-hole again Faseeh Mangi . His articles are as good as a 2-years old writing abc on a notepad. :lol:


Aug 20, 2014
United Kingdom
This 'establishment' narrative is propagated by India and all the traitors within Pakistan. If the army really ran the show then Imran Khan would not be struggling to pass laws with a weak coalition Government.


May 21, 2006
United States
Today Mariam Nawaz claim, agency forced few lawmakers to vote IK Agencies arrest and keep them in their safe house compound for many hours. Which MNA's she is talking about ... no idea.
The fact that things like the NRO happened show that the army isn't all powerful and they at times did have to bend to the political status quo.
People in Islamabad claimed, Gen Bajwa wanted him not to go for vote of confidence. It was frustrated Imran Khan who wanted IN or OUT. But PDM lost the gold opportunity to get rid of IK, but they lost. All they need to show there majority against IK.
As I have pointed out plenty of times with Bloomberg articles, the article is written by that a-hole again Faseeh Mangi . His articles are as good as a 2-years old writing abc on a notepad. :lol:
Same patter in NewYork times... 99 percent anti Pak articles are written by Indians.
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Sep 8, 2017
Army Backing Vital for Khan to Survive Pakistan Confidence Vote
Bloomberg News
March 5, 2021, 12:30 PM GMT+1
  • Prime Minister to seek parliament vote after shock Senate loss
  • Khan met army, intelligence heads after unexpected voting
Imran Khan addressing the nation on television, in Karachi on March 4.

Imran Khan addressing the nation on television, in Karachi on March 4.
Photographer: Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Images

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan spent much of his election campaign in 2018 denying he was a military stooge. Yet after suffering a shocking loss in parliament this week, he turned to the nation’s powerful army chief.

Khan met army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa along with the head of the military’s spy agency on Thursday after his finance minister lost a tightly fought battle for a seat in the Senate, or the upper house. The conversation with the head of the institution that has conducted numerous coups, and retains tremendous sway over policy, is likely to send a strong message to lawmakers as Khan seeks a confidence vote in parliament Saturday.

For the army, which has ruled the nation for about half of its existence since independence in 1947, Khan represents stability as the economy recovers from the pandemic-induced contraction. With U.S. President Joe Biden urging allies to uphold democracy, Pakistan will be keen to avoid turmoil in the region, which is already reeling from a coup in Myanmar.

“Bajwa is keen to maintain continuity and show that all is well,” said Burzine Waghmar, a member of the Centre for the Study of Pakistan at SOAS University of London. The army is also “keen to start on a good footing with the Biden administration as well.”

Khan’s meeting with Bajwa rankled the opposition. “It gives a wrong message,” opposition leader Maryam Nawaz said at a briefing on Thursday.
There was no immediate comment from the federal government’s spokesman or the army.

Shifting Numbers

Khan needs the support of 172 of the lawmakers to win the confidence vote. Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party and allies have 178 seats in the 342-member National Assembly or lower house of parliament. However, the party-backed Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh got 164 votes in the election on Wednesday. The members of the National Assembly vote in the Senate and the defeat prompted Khan to seek a vote of confidence and prove he still commands a majority.

To ensure Khan has support of at least his lawmakers, Pakistan’s spy agency has been asked to monitor their movement and secure their presence in parliament on Saturday, according to officials with knowledge of the information. They asked not to be identified speaking to the media.

“No party can remain in power without institutional support from the army,” said Amit Ranjan, research fellow at the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore. “Whoever comes next, if Khan loses, also needs support from the army.”

The army already has an outsized role in Khan’s administration -- with a say in foreign policy and security matters to economic decisions. Generals have been known to hold private meetings with businessman and policymakers.

Meanwhile, former and current military officials are in prominent government-backed roles, such as running the state-owned airline and Khan’s low-cost housing plan.

Military Support
“The idea that the establishment is completely neutral seems a bit far-fetched,” said Niaz Murtaza, executive director at Islamabad-based think tank Inspiring Pakistan said by phone, referring to the military. The army is “still backing the government and they’ll continue to do so at the moment.”

Army Tightens Grip on Pakistan as Imran Khan’s Popularity Wanes
Still, the army’s backing couldn’t stop Khan’s party, which became the largest in the Senate, from losing the vital seat. The unexpected win for the opposition-backed former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, meant that some of Khan’s lawmakers switched sides.

Khan in an address to the nation alleged 15 or 16 of his lawmakers were bribed to vote against the party-backed candidate.

Unlike the secret ballot in the Senate, the confidence vote is a public show of strength. With Pakistan looking to resume funding from the International Monetary Fund’s $6 billion bailout program last month, the army will be keen to prop up Khan.

The Pakistan premier has also been exerting influence in the peace talks in Afghanistan with U.S. troops poised to depart. He has met multiple delegations from the neighboring nation including the Taliban militants.

That is something the army will likely want to see continuing.
— With assistance by Faseeh Mangi

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8-) indian propoganda throught bloomberg or whatever it is money can do anything...
Jan 16, 2021
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Just blatant propaganda,
Don't they know how popular Imran khan is and PTI.
They just don't want Pakistan to improve.
He won his vote of no confidence hands down. He got more votes than the MNAs there. This is not some tin pot dictatorship. No sir.
2 MNAs themselves decided to sit in dark containers most of the night.
People who don't support Imran khan are corrupt traitors.
We need him in power for a 666 years, then we will all see

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