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Appeal From Peopel and Suprem Court


Apr 18, 2016
Dear alliance member , this is for One of my Uncle , one old retired officer of Natinal Bank of Pakistan , he and many thousands like him served Pakistan for many years . Now they are old and desperate , they need what they rightfully deserve . I am just putting it in my words , like a short summary .
If you members have some connections please use them , Please help me out to spread this message on Facebook and twitter. Thanks a lot.

AOA , To Chief Justice Of Pakistan . I like to highlight one issue and Love to see your favor on it ,Supreme Court of Pakistan become beacon of light for desperate and needy people in Pakistan , Please try every thing in your Power .
It is about National Bank of Pakistan and retired staff pension case , Please help senior citizen and make your voice in favour of retired old persons many of them need that money for many reasons , like wedding of their daughters , illness , house building . etc, ,National Bank appeal against pensioners winning case is pending in Supreme court from many months , , Please make your voice heard in favor of Senior Citizens . Sir , They deserve this , this is their right , they even won the case.
Thanks a lot
May Allah help you all

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