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APC runs into unpleasant situation after Fazl protests 'censorship' by PPP


Aug 19, 2009
They say, toss a penny between two **** and watch them fight to the death. . .

September 20, 2020

APC runs into unpleasant situation after Fazl protests 'censorship' by PPP

JUI-F chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman addressing the APC in Islamabad, on September 20, 2020. — Twitter

The opposition's All Parties Conference — underway in Islamabad — hit a snag on Sunday after JUI-F chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman protested that his speech had been "censored".
"The government stops our voice from reaching the public as it is, but today the APC also prevented our speech from airing," the JUI-F chief complained.
"I wish to record a protest with the PPP," he said, adding: "This is highly unreasonable."

At this, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that it was "at the request of one of your MPAs that we kept an in-camera session".

An in-camera proceeding is one in which the public or the press is not permitted to participate.

"We will have a press conference after this," Bilawal added, in an attempt to soothe his outrage.
Fazl, however, would not have it and said: "This was not in-camera."

PPP's Sherry Rehman interjected to say that the party was told that the JUI-F had requested an in-camera address, which the party chief denied. "We did not request such a thing," he said.

Later, PPP's Qamar Zaman Kaira said that Fazl's address was broadcast on social media.

He said that they had informed the JUI-F chief that electronic media was to tap into the social media stream to broadcast it on television.

Pakistan's major opposition parties have come together today to devise a strategy to oust the government which they say has "failed in all sectors".


The Eagle

Oct 15, 2015
I am really sorry to say but I am disappointed with some of brothers/sisters that still support such bunch of looters, liars, thugs & manipulators. Most of them used to work hard to gain sympathy & fabour from Military to save themselves and as soon as they are responded with cold shoulders; all of them now gone totally fouling around & crossed every limit of ethics, nationalism & unity in a pattern to malign & defame country's own Military. In a nutshell, all of them are dishonest to the core and they are already exposed through leaks as how they met with Military Leadership in the dark of the nights for personal gains.

I will say again with my heart to everyone that we still have time to make right decisions & lest not become the fuel of a fire which is planned outside yet executed through such greedy & lowest kind of fools to turn this motherland into sort of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya or even Brazil or Cuba etc. For a moment, don't think like a political supporter, empty your mind of any thought or pre mindset and notice the pattern with keen interest to learn, understand & save your nation so you will get everything right in front of you.

Whether JUI-F, PMLN, PPPP, JI, PTI, ANP or any other party, make your mind that there is no place for a corrupt, dishonest, disloyal, negligent or incompetent leadership... by corrupt, it means in any category. Wake-up everyone... wake-up as it's not too late.


Aug 8, 2019
Kurdoglu Fazlu is so desperate. Very sad state of affairs for him. He has just become a beggar, nothing more.
Both Fazlu fraudiye and this traitor/swine Nawaz neither have any stake in the current setup nor they are part of it. They waited for so long, however, Fazlu isnt becoming part of current setup, therefore he's butthurt and for Nawaz, he stayed quiet for months, kept his obnoxious daughter on tight leash, but they didnt get any relieve from either judiciary or establishment, therefore now is extremely frustrated and started bad mouthing against his own army. And now all the venom which he spout at APC will be leveraged by Indians for their own advantage and will try to paint Pakistan Army as mother of all evils, which they try to do all the time. Because its Pakistan Army due of which, they can't bully Pakistan like Burma or Nepal.
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