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Anglosphere's war crimes are part of its white supremacist culture


Jul 25, 2016


Oct 4, 2020
Bosnia And Herzegovina
White people are truly sick.

Chirs rock: "there aint a single legged white bus boy that would change places with me"
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Dec 9, 2018


Sep 19, 2018
United States
The entire world has centuries worth of ill-will towards the most predatory & ruthless subrace in the history of humanity.
A rising power like China
without such destructive heritage , starting on a clean state, can easily choose to become a beacon to the rest of the oppressed world, by avoiding those same crimes against other races and other civilizations.
Held by the throat by the coalition of the 5evileyes , most nations are quietly waiting for China to upend this hierarchy. Instead of being insulated, China should build more bridges with like people on common ground.

For eg the African continent has been well handled by a rising China...they have been humiliated, ridiculed and destroyed by colonizers but China is giving them ways to stand on their own feet without needing to kowtow.
A huge potential for goodwill exists in the Muslim world as they are nursing wounds inflicted even as we speak. Just a few regular doses of Afghanistan type tweets will be a good starter to win some support. A little demonstration of hard power will get more followers.

South America's experience with meddling and regime changes are already yielding leftist / nativity governments.
China should tread carefully at this stage as the world is observing her carefully for signs of hegemonism . She should not become what she is about to eclipse. She should avoid unnecessary scraps with regional powers like India, Indonesia, Japan or Vietnam. If not allies they should be atleast not alienated. As such Western powers are egging them on.
China has nothing to lose at this point embarking on a massive media campaign to highlight western crimes against non white races. The body of history is so rich and vast to choose from. The West has spent the last three years incessantly smearing China and the Chinese people trying to instigate racial hatred worldwide. China has nothing to lose as the bridges have been burnt.
Hey bud, when was the last time in history China colonized any part of the world and force it's indigenous people to assimilate or get erased from history? It's like the pot calling the kettle, black!

Spare me your sordid "point the finger" tactics. You've got more fingers pointing at you, from the Native Americans, to Mexicans, to Libyans, to Syrians, to all of Africa, to all of Latin America. I suggest you put a sock in it.

The age of the Western Bloc is coming to an end. The world is fed up with your kind's hypocritical bull$hit about freedom, liberty, democracy and what not.

China is our ally, and China has risen to the world stage to challenge the Western Bloc's hegemony. Whichever way you look at it, China is going to stamp it's mark on history. Along with Russia, China has established that the hegemony is not ever going to dominate the world ever again. 500 years of Western bull$hit is enough to last an eternity.

For us Muslims, we stand behind our beloved Prophet Muhammad Alaihi Salaat-u-Wassalam, and stand firm! We recognize the only Christiandom that ought to be recognized as true Christians, the Orthodox Christians. Russia leads the Orthodox Christians and we stand with them.

You take your sorry Western Bloc and shove it where the sun don't shine.
He’s not Indonesian, he’s Indian. I’ve tested him, he failed the test. Can’t speak bahasa.
The irony here is that Xinjiang and Tibet were a part of China even before the colonies declared independence from Britain and before the natives of the Americas and Australia were ethnically cleansed to make way for white settlement.
This sense of superiority is deeply ingrained in the Western psyche. Its roots date all the way back to geographic discoveries, sponsored by both the European clergy and merchant. Western expansionism was as much cultural as economic. It not only plundered material riches, it also plundered cultures and traditions.

What we observe today is the poison spewing out off the mouth of those elites programmed for such superiority complex. They simply cannot believe somebody can stand up them, and slap them back, hurting their very ideology and beliefs.

How can you depict Australian army as child-murderers and rapers when it was exactly what they did?

In fact, the report is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Western countries (US, UK, AU, and CA) did in the Greater Middle East over the past three decades.

They simply run a butchers' campaign.
The incredulous reaction you get from Anglos about China’s criticism of Australia’s psychotic war crimes is demonstrative of a person who is furious and bewildered that someone they considered inferior and barely human had the nerve to strike back even after innumerable years of being constantly attacked.

Look up what White slave owners did to the uppity field slaves. China is basically the uppity field nigger finally talking back to Massa.
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