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An Interesting Initiative For PakMedia To Learn From

Ahmet Pasha

May 23, 2017
United States

I believe Pakistan media is loosing the narrative warfare very very badly. I think this could partly due to how journalists are viewed as little more than prostitutes in our society. Youth and their parents see little motivation to pursue journalism as a career.

The ones who do usually are the dangar Star Plus types which has led to our news media increasingly going down a spiral of mirroring Indian news media. Who form an illegitimate nexus with the corrupt politicians and it is not hard to imagine them linking up hostile intelligence agencies and terror networks.

The few credible news media we have are busy becoming a lap dog of the Wester Neo-liberalist militant left. Thus, defaming Pakistan, their own home land.

I mean does Geo, Samaa, Dunya, PTV lack the imagination or foresight to make youtube shorts like RT, TRT, Reuters, AlJazeera, BBC etc?? Could it be that hard to make a 2 minute Youtube video that portrays Pakistan's point of view? Or are they only in the business of selling Star Plus news to a gullible and dangar(I sound harsh but this is another problem to discuss on another thread how we need to change our people too) populace??

There's also the fact that our media even if by any chance it is there is sometimes drowned out by the malicious Indian propaganda machine. Yes that is a genuine problem. But a problem which I feel we can counter on Youtube as Indians don't have an overwhelming presence on Youtube and Youtube has it's guidelines which makes it hard for Indians to play their game.

So yea in summary this is yet another domain like tons of others where sadly my fellow Pakistanis are failing to innovate and progress.

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