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An Important Message to All Muslims

Discussion in 'Members Club' started by Zaryanshah, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim

    I've been inspired by a recent thread to make this post. Call it a rant. Call it an inspiration. Call me crazy. Whatever you like.

    Note: Whenever I mention any of God's attributes then please ponder over them rather than just simply read over them.

    A lot of us Muslims have been raised with misconceptions about this deen. We are given an image of a deen which caters for our nafs (desires). A lot of us go through a stage on life when we question our faith and when topics on sensitive issues are used by the enemies of this deen on their numerous propaganda sites we seek out all sorts of logical rebuttals to defend the deen. So we have painted before us a warped version of the religion which caters to our wants. You'll find endless quotations of Ahadith talking about so and so's rights, with the sole intention of presenting our religion as a bender to people's visualisations of what they perceive to be fitting for a religion. Which is a total misnomer.

    The very word 'Islam' means submission. Submission to the Lord. And by extension to his commandments which collectively make up this heavenly religion of ours.

    The Lord is the beginning and he is the eternal. He alone has the power to wipe us off and replace us with a nation better than us. He was the one who created us. Had he chosen so, he would not have created us all. Which would mean that Adam alayhi salam and his wife, Jannah, Jahannam, Malaikah, Iblis and the Dunya would not have happened at all. It is his rahmah (mercy) that he did. He created us to worship and submit ourselves and our desires to him, even though he is not in need of that.

    We are under the perception that God must make laws based on morals of our liking. We are arrogant enough, perhaps just as arrogant as Iblis, to question the Lord's commandments and say that our own morals are better than God's laws.

    Killing, loot and arson is not wrong because it is wrong in itself. It is wrong because God says its wrong. Had he said it was right then there would have been no problem. But he said its wrong so its wrong.

    Since he is God, he is supreme. There is no power either with him or above him. So since he is the master who is unanswerable to anyone he can issue orders of his liking without justification.

    He is after all the one who says 'Be and it is!'

    I'll say this again. Our morals our dictated to us by God, not by us to God Almighty. :lahawla:

    Lets look to our examples. Abraham (Ibrahim :asalam:). He was commanded by Allah :Swt: to give up his long awaited son Ismail :asalam: as a sacrifice unto him. Did Ibrahim :asalam: question the Lord on the basis of injustice, harshness or perceived cruelty? Or did he obey?

    Did Hajar رضي الله عنها question her husband Ibrahim :asalam: further when she was told that it was God's command that she was to be left in the isolated desert with her son with few resources to survive on?

    Did Yukabid رضي الله عنها question God when instructed to set Musa :asalam: adrift in a basket on a yam (river) as mighty and perilous as the Nile? No, she put her trust in the Lord who created her and would eventually benefit her, if not in this world but in the next.

    When Maryam رضي الله عنها gave birth to Isa :asalam: she was commanded to observe a fast of silence. Imagine a pure and chaste woman without a husband but with a child! What must have she been thinking when told to return to her people with a child but no explanation? Yet she obeyed what God commanded her to do, without knowing that through her infant son God would publicise her innocence.

    Our purpose is to serve. Whether we may like the commandment or not. Because it is God's command. If God, the Creator (Al Khaaliq), the Beginner of All and the Mightiest of the Mighties wants us to serve then we must serve for we are simply his slaves who will cease once he wills. And will be resurrected only once he wills. The Creator. The Everlasting.