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America’s ‘Great Retreat’ is well underway


Dec 9, 2018
How about Pakistan's true cowardice, becoming the lackey lapdog of China?
You realize that China and Pakistan have been friends and allies for more than 50 years now, right? Prior 1971 War, america and the West had imposed sanctions on Pakistan because of the 1965 War against india. With near 100% of Pakistan Military weapons being of Western origin, the sanctions had crippled Pakistan's ability to defend itself. That's when China stepped in and helped Pakistan bolster it's military and in 1971, Pakistan was able to thwart complete annihilation.

Pakistan and Pakistanis will never forget the help China provided when the West had turned it's back on us.

So for you to make such a remark, is not only evidence of your ignorance of Sino-Pakistan Alliance, but also shows that most people don't ever bother studying the subject before passing remarks.

you will all refrain from spreading gloat-ful arrogant anti-American statements that could well go viral in the Muslim world and provide significant recruit numbers to "organisations" like ISIS and alQuada!
You are aware of the fact that america, allied with the Najdi-Sauds, poured in combined resources in the Soviet-Afghan War, right? And you are aware that CIA had trained, armed and directed Osama Bin Laden during the 1980s and deployed him in Afghanistan as their "Point-Man" for the Soviet-Afghan War, right? And surely you must've seen the C-SPAN clip of Hillary Clinton admitting to the same in U.S Senate hearing?

The americans+west wanted and attempted to impose a regime change in Syria - FACT!!!

The americans+west are militarily occupying Iraq since 2003 to present day - FACT!!!

ISIS emerged a U.S Military occupied Sovereign State of Iraq and not Syria - FACT!!!

So you really think the world is that stupid or naive to think that ISIS just emerged out of thin air? Or that ISIS ideological foundation is a carbon copy of the Wahhabi Sect?

Appearances and Reality in this day n age are polar opposites, my friend. It's time to wake up and face the reality.

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