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America has criticized Russia for arming Myanmar amid its deadly operations against Rohingya Muslims

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Apr 12, 2015
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Nothing wrong even if they do a genocide using those supplied weapons?
Its perfectly legal to supply weapons to a sovereign internationally recognised government /country. If the country uses those weapons supplies in the wrong way, then it's not the suppliers fault neither is it the suppliers business. There's only so much the supplier can do. So I see nothing wrong in Russia and China selling weapons to the Myanmar government. It's their right to do so. No third party should think its wrong. That's normal and perfectly legal in international relations since Myanmar is not under international U. N sanctions like N. KOREA for example. So China and Russia can sell them as much weapon as they want. Nothing legally wrong with that.
However, it's true that morally, some might argue it shouldn't be the case. Which is true. However, it depends on the country and how developed and influential civil society groups are in that given country. So I understand this played a major role in shaping foreign policy of western powers vis a vis Myanmar. Since I don't see what we benefit by being hostile towards the Myanmar government because of the rohingya issue. Concerns can be raised privately, but that should be it. Sanctioning or being overtly hostile won't chnage much. We have been there done that, it didn't chnage much for the people in that country. So no point in adopting a proven losing model/strategy.

Do not give any importance to his opinion.He is a far-right type of guy in UK. His opinion doesn't represent majority of western public who appreciate the principle of human rights and democratic values.
Of course, I know much of our public (especially our civil society & human rights groups/organisations, leftists, and even many in the government) appreciate such principles of human rights. However, what I was talking about more about international relations and the situation of the country in regards to the international community and interests.

Only interests in this world with little humanity.
US is a hypocrite that gives free arms to the Jewish occupiers of Palestine and supplies the terrible Saudi Regime that is slaughtering innocents in Yemen.
Yes, western powers in general. Same reason they are against the Myanmar military junta. It's because they want to destabilise Myanmar and make them slaughter their people even more. :D

Saiful Islam

Jul 23, 2013
United Kingdom
Myanmar decided to become China's puppet state for one reason or another.
West went against them as they had nothing to gain from supporting their genocide.
Anyway, even if the West had something to gain, the Myanmarese regime is far too evil for any Western
government to publicly support.
You need to pay a bit more attention to the culture that is prevalent
in the West.
Even though the Saudi regime is nowhere near as evil as the Myanmarese one, look at the
amount of criticism the UK governments get for being friendly with them. Supporting a regime of murders and rapists would no go down too well with the civil societies in the West.

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