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AMCA : Together with Israel & France ?


Feb 19, 2010
France is already busy with NEUron drone. They are experienced but I don't think so that they'd be free enough to consider this option. Israel is a wise partner and fits the bill big time. They've made Lavi at a time when other countries had their 4th gen fighters with bigger capital. We've made Tejas now. So I think Israel alone will suffice. Brazil doesn't need a 5th gen jet as it is already powerful enough to deal with anyone around (except maybe the MKV armed Venezuela).
My point too , what do they bring on table for JV .

Composites, CAD drawings , Eng brains , Professionalism , Manufacturing . We are fully capable of doing everything .

I had same doubts before but the way LCH programe was handled .

I have complete faith in our Defence Labs , we can do it without Brazil as effectively as with Brazil .

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