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Ambassador Asad, PTI hire same firm for PR job in US


Sep 26, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Is it coincidence or pre-planned that Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan — the architect of alleged US conspiracy-famed cipher — hired a lobbying firm to promote US-Pak relations just five days before Imran Khan disclosed the alleged regime change conspiracy. Five months later, Khan also hired the same firm — Fenton Arlok LLC — for promoting his party’s image in the United States.

The Pakistan Embassy in the United States hired the services of Fenton Arlok LLC on March 21, 2022, to promote the US-Pak relations and signed an agreement with the firm. As per the agreement, the embassy will pay $30,000 monthly to the lobbying firm for its services. The agreement was initially signed for six months from March 21 to September 20, 2022 according to which the embassy had to make two months advance payment.

Interestingly, on March 27, 2022 — five days after the signing of the agreement — the-then Prime Minister Imran Khan held a public rally and showed a copy of an alleged document related to a foreign conspiracy against his government.

Later, it was revealed that the-then Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed Khan had sent a cipher to the Imran-led government, indicating worsening relations between the two countries.

The cipher allegedly includes the minutes of the meeting held between Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan and US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Donald Lu on March 7, 2022, two weeks before hiring the lobbying firm.

Five months later, in August 2022, Imran Khan’s party also hired the services of the same firm that was hired by Asad Majeed Khan to promote PTI’s positive image in the United States. The PTI, however, as per the agreement, paid $25,000 per month to the lobbying firm.

The PTI hired the lobbying firm to engage and consult with informed individuals in both the public and private sectors in the US and Pakistan to make determinations as to how constructive relations between the US and Pakistan might be enhanced and provide advice to the client and his associates as to how this might be accomplished.

Apart from the PTI and Pakistan Embassy in the United States, a nonprofit NGO Council on Pakistan Relations executed a verbal agreement with the same lobbying firm Fenton Arlok LLC. According to the agreement, the lobbying firm would inform American and international media about the Council’s desire for productive diplomatic and economic relations between Pakistan and the United States.

The Fenton and Arlok LLC, according to the agreement with the embassy, was given the task of distributing information to and briefing journalists on Pakistan’s desire for positive relations with the United States, placing articles and broadcasts, arranging interviews and advising on the social media.

“Our public relations work with journalists aims to enhance positive relations between long-time allies Pakistan and the United States, and to explain Pakistan’s views. We aim to counter disinformation, and to promote investment and tourism. Our work be limited to standard public relations activities — distributing information, arranging background briefings with journalists, interviews, placing Opeds, etc,” the agreement reads.

The News sent a detailed questionnaire to Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan. However, despite a reminder and waiting for two days, he did not respond to the queries.

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