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Algeria: The launch of a research and development company for missiles

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    By a presidential decree published on 11 July in the Official Gazette, the "Technical Systems Development Corporation" was established to be responsible for the development, design and manufacturing of missiles and weapon systems for the Algerian army.

    The company will be based in the city of Mughrah, in the eastern province of Maseela. Its mission will be as described in the decree "an institution responsible for studies, design, engineering and manufacture of specific weapons and ammunition systems".

    By looking at the nature of the shareholders, it is possible to understand the real significance of this structure. In addition to traditional shareholders such as the Army Chiefs of Staff, the Directorate of Military Industries or the Supply Directorate, this structure will have contributors and possibly suppliers / partners: SCAFSE Electronic (optical systems and communication systems), ERIS (which manufactures ammunition) and ONEX (which produce special explosives).

    The network of foreign partners who work with these three companies is very important: the Chinese representatives in the company Norenco with ONEX, Zastava Serbian with ERIS, the German representatives in the companies Cassidyan and Carl Zeiss with SCAFSE.

    Although the decree does not give details about the project, it is easy to understand that it is about a structure that allows the manufacture of missile systems locally, surface-to-surface, air-to-surface, or air-to-air, as well as guided missiles and rockets.

    It is noteworthy that in October 2018 another ammunition plant was inaugurated in the same state, about thirty kilometers from this site, and is supposed to start producing large-caliber ammunition and different shells.

    EPIC / EDST is authorized to import and export military equipment and components.

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