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Airing of Bushra Bibi, Arsalan’s leaked audio challenged in IHC


Sep 26, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Petitioner demands forensic audit of audio, claims airing of audio hurt Pakistan’s international image

A resident of the federal capital has moved the Islamabad High Court (IHC) against the airing of a leaked audio clip of a telephonic conversation allegedly between former first lady Bushra Bibi and former focal person on digital media and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Social Media Head Dr Arslan Khalid.

Filed by Muhammad Arshad Wali, through his counsel Muhammad Asif Gujjar, the petitioner has demanded that the audio should be forensically verified, take action against those who leaked the clip and restrain television channels from airing such clips in the future.

The federal information and interior ministries through their secretaries, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing, the Press Information Department, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) were listed as respondents in addition to Dr Khalid and Bushra Bibi.

Wali in his petition contended that airing the conversation – which was privileged between Dr Khalid and Bushra Bibi, was impacting the international, social, and cultural image as well as the integrity of Pakistan.

“The reputation of state institutions has been badly affected and is continuously being affected badly and the people of Pakistan are losing faith in their state institutions which will lead to civil war between people of Pakistan and the state in near future,” the petitioner contended.

He further argued that the government functionaries failed to do their duty and stop the airing of the leak. “They are sleeping over their statutory duties,” Wali stated in his writ petition.

The petitioner further contended that as a result, several YouTubers and TikTokers are uploading several “disputed news based on fake, self-created or illegally obtained videos and audios.”

“YouTubers by taking benefit of the same are involved in conspiracies against the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan and earning of lot of money, foreign funds in shape of foreign currency directly to their bank accounts,” he further contended.

The petitioner sought “stern legal action against the YouTubers who are not registered with state departments including respondents and against those news channels who are airing this leaked audio clip.”

The petitioner also sought stern legal action against Dr Khalid and Bushra Bibi if they willfully aired the audio or otherwise “their act is an offence under the laws of Pakistan as the international, social and cultural image as well as integrity of Pakistan has been damaged due to this audio leak.”

Curiously, the petitioner linked the audio leak, and contents of the audio to Bushra Bibi’s husband, former prime minister Imran Khan and argued that since the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief had been barred by a court on March 30, 2022, from making public details of a diplomatic cable detailing an alleged threat from the US of regime change.

“If the conversation of Dr Khalid and Bushra Bibi, aired through audio leak after forensic is found correct, then the content of the conversation comes within the ambit of Contempt of Court,” he contended, adding that it also attracts Article 5.

The petitioner demanded that the court summon Bushra Bibi and Dr Khalid and ask whether they aired this audio clip, conduct a forensic verification of this leaked clip and proceed as per law against those involved in such heinous crimes.

He further demanded that the court direct the relevant government functionaries to take action against YouTubers who are not registered with them and also proceed against all those news channels who had aired the clip.

On July 3, an alleged audio recording of a telephonic conversation between Dr Khalid and Bushra Bibi surfaced in which the latter could be heard directing the former to run trends on social media attacking PTI’s opponents and detractors and to link all criticism against the party to ‘treason’.


Nov 18, 2019
@Horus Not too long ago, PDF used to chant ‘5th Gen Warfare’ and what not, And yet this pig is still posting on PDF, All the crap and making the already weakened forum, Undesirable ?

I think that you guys should have showed some nerve to these PMLN goons but nothing ! Not even banning this pig

Note - PTI, Imran Khan can go to hell, I don’t give a f, But these bastards should reach hell first

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