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Airbus Helicopters unveils mockup of new H160M military helicopter

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    The Airbus Helicopters has showcased mockup of the new H160M medium twin-engine helicopter will be used to replace Aérospatiale SA342 Gazelles.

    According to the aerobuzz.fr website, the French Army is looking at a new H160M helicopter that will have provisions for a forward-firing 20mm cannon, two door-mounted 7.62mm machine guns, and the ability to launch TDA Armements Aculeus laser-guided rockets.

    The H160M is the military version of the H160 medium utility helicopter being developed by Airbus Helicopters. The H160M develops for replacing SA342 Gazelles in service of French Army and also would presumably replace the AS 565 Panther (the military version of the Dauphin) in the firm’s product line.

    Some French source reported that H160M military helicopter will make a maiden flight in early-2020 and upon successful completion of the test programme Airbus Helicopters will start deliveries in service by 2023.

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